Even More VR Equipment from HTC at CES 2019!

Even though the newest Vive Cosmos from HTC was a relatively big news, the company does not stop on it and has provided us with even more VR equipment on the CES 2019. Starting from a yet another new VR visor and a new VR environment called the Vive Reality System, HTC is now on the lips of everything and we had to mention all their newest announcements that could possibly be associated with out beloved VR porn movies.

Vive Pro Eye

The HTC Vive Pro Eye is “a new headset with built-in eye tracking, designed to offer greater accessibility, a new oriented navigation menu and the removal of the need for controllers.” Eye tracking is designed to allow business users and developers to collect more information from simulation environments and improve the use of computer resources.

This pretty much means that in contrast to the Vive Cosmos, this device has been made while thinking about the developers and engineers and is not a typical customer-friendly VR visor. It may still be used by some regulars like us, so it could be a certain option for VR porn films, but this is just an option and not really a recommendation.

HTC Vive Pro Eye is aimed at the business market, where eye tracking is expected to bring many direct benefits such as improving performance, availability and the ability to collect information. It also aims to assist developers in minimizing the use of hardware resources when rendering the VR environment. Perhaps the “paradigms” technology (which so far we do not know much about) and the “FoV rendering” mechanism mentioned at the conference – that is, rendering the image of better quality in the place we look at – are to become the real game changers. As soon as we will find more about all of that, we will let you know on the VR Bangers’ main page.

Vive Reality System

New HTC’s environment called the Vive Reality System is supposed to enhance the experiences granted by every VR material viewed in one of the company’s VR visors – including VR porn films.


The first element of the Vive Reality System is the Origin. It is supposed to be an environment that appears to us after the goggles are put on. This is to be a place where, like in Oculus Home, we have the opportunity to meet friends and interactions among avatars. The first version will also include simple tools such as markers, games (eg. chess) to in the future follow up with some more apps – hopefully even VR porn movies’ players like our Play’a!


Lens is something that has not been clearly explained to us, but it has been mentioned. One can guess that he will be able to recall at any time to view messages, options and more – all of that without ruining your immersion or stopping, for example, your favorite VR porn video.

Viveport Infinity update

From April 5, subscribers will be able to use over 500 titles from the Viveport Infinity library. This is to save thousands of dollars, while providing the opportunity to discover new content. This means that “favorite” titles will no longer have to be removed with the intention of testing subsequent titles. Viveport Infinity is to be available also on other devices from the Wave ecosystem, i.e. on the Oculus Rift.