Even When Grounded, Dillion Harper Knows How to Pleasure Herself for You

date_range January 11, 2016
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Even When Grounded, Dillion Harper Knows How to Pleasure Herself for You

We all already know Dillion Harper, but can you believe that in this video you will get to watch her masturbate? After she failed a test in math, her parents grounded her, which means she can't go out and she can't have friends over. Since you are her boyfriend, this means that you can't really go over and make her feel better, but do not worry, because Dillion Harper has something much juicier in mind.

She called you on her phone and told you her situation, while adding "I want to come over so bad, I miss you baby", which is when the naughty idea struck you.

After telling her your kinky idea about some naughty web-cam sex, she responded: "You read my mind". Soon she set up the camera and decided to give you an incredible act, just to show you how much she loves you.

Your girlfriend, Dillion Harper is a beautiful petite girl, with an amazing slim body and incredibly naughty mind. As she takes off her top and begins to play with her tits, she will simply say "You should start rubbing yourself".

With such an offer, how could you refuse, right? Well, now that she has your full attention, nothing can stop her from making you and herself reach an amazing orgasm.

When she spreads her legs and starts rubbing her pussy she will playfully say "Touch my cookie", because you two usually use that phrase while fucking. Dillion Harper really got into it, as she began to moan and asked you to show her your hard cock.

 Soon enough, she will lay on her back and spread her legs, while rubbing all of her private bits and moaning passionately. When her pussy began dripping naughty juices she told you "You need to get ready for me", since she really wants something hard inside her this minute.

Even if you couldn't be there, this is the next best thing. When she takes off her undies, she will bite them and rub them all over her petite body. Dillion Harper loves to lick her fingers before rubbing her drenched snatch, and as she is doing this, you will hear her moan as she is imagining your throbbing penis deep inside her delicious cunt.

Her moans are so passionate that they alone will make you hard, and her dirty talking is just a cherry on top. Watching her get dirtier by the second is quite a treat, and you are in for the whole deal.

After some pussy fingering on her back, she will turn on the side and show you her ass as well. Dillion Harper will still continue to finger-bang herself hard while moaning loudly.

However, she knows that your favorite position is the doggy, which is why she will eventually bend over and start to rub her drenched tunnels on all fours. In the end, she will reach an amazing orgasm with you, while licking her love juices from her drenched fingers.

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