Everyone would like to end up in the prison cell with the hot police woman August Ames

date_range April 07, 2017
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Everyone would like to end up in the prison cell with the hot police woman August Ames

While you are in your isolated prison cell, a hot policewoman is going to come for some quick interrogation. As August Ames is reading your file, she will be really surprised that even your penis size is written in your personal files. When she finds out that you are in for public sex and nudity, she is going to be disgusted by you.

"Oh, you are a real pervert aren't you?" she says before taking another look at the files. "Ok it's shower time, so get up," she tells you calmly after she's done observing your files.

Once she notices that you are not paying any attention to what she is saying, August is going to raise her voice yelling "Did I fucking stutter? I said get up". After ignoring her again, she is going to approach you while tapping her baton into her palm.

"Ok, I see what you are doing, so I am going to show you what a real pervert is capable off." says August as she gets on top of you while you are still laying on the bed in your orange prison outfit.

The next thing that happens is that you will see this hot brunette policewoman taking the gear that is attached to her uniform, and as she is done discarding all the items, she will rip open the shirt, revealing her bra and her beautiful cleavage. She will then make out with you before she says "I will show you how it is to be my prisoner."

You feel August's hand sliding down your outfit, all the way towards your completely erect cock. "Oh, your dick is really hard is it now?" she says before taking her baton and sliding between her legs in a way that it touches her pussy across the pantalons.

As you see her getting almost as horny as you are, she is going to take off her bra, revealing her huge tits that she will bounce around with her hands. August will also stick her fingers deep down her throat, soaking them completely in her saliva before rubbing her nipples.

"Go ahead, grab them!" she tells you. As you grabbed her big boobs, she started spitting on them, allowing you to rub the saliva all over them, making them nice and wet. As she pulls down your uniform just enough that your cock peeks out she says "I want to suck it".

"Let's get you out of these oranges," she says while taking off your outfit and going for your cock with her hands. Once she took it off, August began to deepthroat on your raging boner. You could hear that she is choking on it, but because she is a very cock hungry babe, she will not stop sucking completely drenched in her spit.

When her preparations are complete, she is going to strip off the rest of her clothes, and then she will turn her back towards you before bending over and letting you have a nice close-up look at her pussy.

After that, she will take your raging cock and start riding you in the reverse cowgirl. While your big cock is destroying her tight pussy, you will her August moan out loud while also asking you to fuck her harder and faster.

She is also going to switch between the standard and reverse cowgirl a couple of times, and in between, she is going to lick off the pussy juices that are covering your cock.

In the end, when you were about to cum, August wrapped her juicy lips around the tip of your shaft while stroking you off in order to get her mouth filled with your hot juices.

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