Free T-shirts and Posters Signed by Chanel Preston and Alex More for VR Bangers’ Most Loyal Fans!

And for how long exactly are you watching VR Bangers’ VR porn movies? A day? Few weeks? A month? Maybe for years? Our list of devoted members grows with every following day, and if you’re with us for a long time, you should know that we do realize that and we’ve finally decided to do something about it. There’s a lot websites with some VR porn movies available on the market, and it’s actually a huge distinction that you’ve decided to stay with us and be our member (or maybe even an affiliate?) – we appreciate all our fans, even the newcomers, but we think that the regulars are the ones that should be truly acknowledged.

So, our loyal members, since we’re talking to you right now, have you ever wanted to have something that was created or at least touched by one of your favorite VR porn stars? We’re working with all those hotties every day and we get to spend a lot of time with them, yet even though our VR porn movies are really immersive and could make you feel like you’ve been there with them, having a real life contact with these vixens will be most likely impossible for most of you – not everyone have enough time to visit some porn EXPOs and convents.

That’s why we’ve decided to run a very special giveaway to honor our beloved fans and give some of them something physical that they could really enjoy and interact with. We took some of the VR Bangers’ t-shirts made of a premium cotton and several dozen of posters with our hot ladies, asked two of our most popular VR porn performers Chanel Preston and Alex More to sign all of them, and gave them away to some of our most devoted fans.

How can you tell if you’re a winner? If that’s the case, we’ve already contacted you (or shortly will), following the data provided with your payment option and asked you about the t-shirt size that you’d like to receive. The winners were randomly chosen amongst the members with the longest continuous subscription time, so you shouldn’t expect to be contacted if you’ve just recently joined our VR porn family – sorry!

We wish we could reward all of you, but this time it wasn’t possible – maybe next time we’ll giveaway some more items to make all of you even more satisfied. This is a very unique Valentine’s Day gift that was supposed to show you that we really care about you, and appreciate your continuous support and trust.

If you aren’t amongst the winners – maybe next time you will be! If this initiative will be positively received by you, we’ll keep on doing such giveaways and keep showing you that we care and that you matter for us – you’re the reason why we keep on making our VR porn videos!

And if you’re a lucky victor and have received one of the shirts or posters, hopefully you’re going to like your little present and find a special place for it in your closet or on your wall – just like we’ve found a very special spot for you on our VR porn movies’ website.

Keep coming back to the VR Bangers’ main page or our special news category (over here) to be up to date with our VR porn raffles and giveaways, and hopefully join the happy pool of victors next time. Happy Valentine’s Day, Bangers!