From VR with Love – Starring Kenzie Taylor

During your mission as a special agent, you ended up with the files that you must return to the headquarters. However, the opposing agency is also on the lookout, which will make you encounter a sexy British blonde agent, Kenzie Taylor.

Since you’re very experienced, and you always plan a few steps ahead, you retrieved the files to your hotel room before catching your flight that was later that day.

Just like you suspected, the enemy agent will arrive at your room, but you will have the upper hand as your gun is fully loaded and in position.

You were prepared to shoot on sight, but something about this gorgeous babe was preventing you from pulling the trigger.

As agent Kenzie slowly approaches the bed you were laying on, she tells you “Maybe I can save myself by blowing that gun of yours in your pants“.

Kenzie will start getting closer to you, as you are still pointing your gun at her. Soon, she will strip off her top, revealing her black lingerie that is covering her big beautiful tits.

You put your gun onto her temple as she was taking out your big cock, but it was too late, you could not shoot because she already seduced you with incredible, lusty body.

Let’s get these off.“, Kenzie says while giving you a very seductive look while taking off your pants.

She then grabs your cock with her hands and starts sucking on it. You can hear her choke on it while attempting to take it all into her slutty throat. This, unfortunately, makes you drop your guard.

Drop the gun, and do exactly as I tell you.” says agent Kenzie while pointing her own gun towards your face. To your surprise, she said nothing, but instead, she continued to suck on your raging boner.

For some reason, it seems her plan backfired because she could not stop herself from giving you a blowjob. More than that, she dropped the gun before getting on top of you.

Kenzie then takes your big shaft, sticks it right into her warm wet pussy, and she starts riding you in the cowgirl position so hard that she starts moaning quite loudly.

During the time she rode you erect pecker, she took off her bra, revealing her big tits so she can let you fuck them after she gets off of you.

But that will not last long since her pussy is really craving for your raging boner which she will ride again in the reverse cowgirl position.

Oh yeah! You are so deep right now!” she yells as you penetrate her pussy while staring at her incredible ass. You continue to pound her in two cowgirl positions, while she licks off her own juices off your cock from time to time, all the way until you cum.

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