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Visits at the hairdresser’s can get very boring and somehow intimidating, especially when it is your wife or girlfriend visiting, and all you have to do is wait until she’s done with her new hair – not to mention that she’ll expect you to like and compliment her new style, which sometimes might be the biggest lie that you’ve ever had to tell in your entire life. It’s always good to take some magazines with you, or at least your trusted smartphone, because damn… it’s gonna take a minute, you know. And would watching VR Bangers’ VR porn movies while sitting in the lobby be such a bad idea? Well, as long as you’ll be wearing your headphones and not using a speaker, it should be all fine.

In our VR porn hair salon things can obviously go a little different – as expected. When your stylist is a hot VR porn actress like Ella Nova, you could probably ask her for some extra services, as she’ll most likely want to show you some of the skills that she’s famous of. Virtual reality porn business can get hard, so no wonder that some of the starlets are trying to earn some extra dollar aside – and if you could join both of these professions, combining them with your… hobby… things might actually get kinda interesting.

In this VR porn fantasy, as soon as you’ll enter the hairdresser’s, you’ll be asked to sit aside when your wife is taking care of her business. Some time later, when you’ll be dying of the boredom, one of the hairdressers will reach out to you to start a little conversation with you. She could definitely tell that you’re not having the time of your life, and since she really wants to her make all the visitors of her salon leave it happy and satisfied, she’ll really try to cheer you up. As you don’t seem to look for a new haircut, she’ll try to offer you some other services, as she’d really do anything to leave you fulfilled and appeased.

What happens next? VR Bangers are pretty sure that you might already know what could be the possible scenario of this VR porn fantasy, yet it’s always worth watching it to find out yourself. Ella really needs that title of a employee of the month, so she’ll try really hard to get you hard (really) and then give you a huge stress relief and help you with your ever-growing cock. She’ll give you the sloppiest deepthroat of your live and suck you balls deep, like her life depended on it. Then, you’ll get to fuck her tight pussy and jizz on her slutty face – and this will pretty much be the best payment that she could ask for, trust us. And what if your wife comes back early? Well, this is just (or even) a VR porn video, so it is kinda safer, but the risk of being caught by your girlfriend is always possible, so be careful!

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