Groundbreaking Focal surface display from Oculus

Focal surface display from Oculus

Oculus is a company which spends most of their resources on developing virtual reality technologies and they have come to an amazing breakthrough. One of their latest advancement is a focal surface display. It makes users better see the normally blurry parts in their vision.

How did the blurry vision get fixed?

It takes quite some knowledge to understand how the human vision functions, so Oculus spent their time researching it, which made them come up with an amazing invention. Human vision has a very specific characteristic. When a human eye focuses on an object, everything else in the vision becomes blurry, which is a great problem when it comes to virtual reality tech. Oculus decided to investigate this phenomenon to provide a much better experience for their faithful users. Oculus believes this is what will revolutionize the future of virtual reality tech, and they won’t stop with further developments. Focal surface display mimics the way in which human eyes focus on objects of different distances and depths. Adding many focus point in a vision is not working anymore for Oculus and they have a completely new approach to this type of problem. Their new approach is adding light to the display through spatial light modulators to bend the focus around 3D objects in the vision. This technique improves the quantity of the space presented and the depth of the display.

Oculus’ spatial light modulators

Spatial light modulator focuses on bending 2D images created by the computer while focusing on blurry elements. Oculus hasn’t yet managed to perfectly embed spatial light modulators in their technology. Their biggest problem, right now, is reducing the size of these modulators so they could fit in their headsets. Also, the software which controls these light modulators has to be programmed in a very complex and unusual way for all of this to function properly.

Statements from Oculus’ executives

Oculus executives said that they have demonstrated their project is ready to go start, and they know their years of research of adaptive imaging applications will surely come in handy. They have been combining a large variety of research into their project on Focal surface display. The most important thing they have recently achieved is that they have gotten past many abnormalities which commonly make vision worse using spatial light modulators.

Arrival of latest Oculus technology on market

The current state of the project is far from over, so it is going to be quite some time until their groundbreaking tech comes onto the market. The image quality of is still far from good, but it keeps getting better and better. Once the hardware of the headset gets integrated perfectly, it will appear on the market for the entire world to enjoy the wonders of virtual reality. And, who knows? Maybe it will appear sooner than expected.


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