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Who doesn’t like summer? The sun is shining, the birds are singing, the air smells pleasantly and you just want to live when the sun rays warm your skin and make us all get a little more shiny and crispy. But what if it’s too warm? When you do not want to leave the house because you know that you are going to cross the air that you can almost scoop up the shovel. Well, when the temperature significantly exceeds this allowable comfortable life, with help comes one of the greatest inventions known to man – the pool!

Everyone likes swimming pools, right? This is a wonderful place for both lazy and athletic people. If you like active life, you can jump in, feel the water pressure on your muscles and swim a few times in and out, working on your fitness and the muscularity of your tissue. And if you belong to lazy people, you can always float in the water, or dip your feet in it; and even staying close to the damp air of the pool can be very pleasant.

As the sun shines and the pool cools you, what could go wrong? Well, as usual – if you don’t know what could go wrong, it’s always about… women! But when your life partner is sexy VR Porn Star Rebecca Volpetti, even a seemingly lost situation can turn to your advantage.

What is the problem, then? Well, you do not belong to these active people, and you are tired after work and simply want to relax and chill by the water tank. But your girlfriend, Rebecca, has completely different plans. She wants to swim, move, practice, when you only have one kind of physical activity in your head – and will you manage to do some practicing today? Well, if you often watch exclusive Virtual Reality Porn movies from VR Bangers, then you probably already know that the answer is yes!

Rebecca isn’t stupid and tries to trick you. She goes naked and suggests that if you go to the pool with her, then you can touch her wherever you want. But you are not convinced, because you know that it is a plain trick, so you stay by your side, sitting on the edge of the pool and drinking your favorite drink.

But the sight of your naked girl, her busting breast, firm butt and narrow pussy, you want it or not, made you hard, which unfortunately can be seen through your tight swimsuit. For your luck, however, it turns out that your abundant erection has made the girl fall into her own trap! When you are so sexually active as she is, the sight of a beautiful, dull male dick makes you want to have sex here and now. And even though you have not entered the water, the girl can’t stop and grabs your dick in her hand. Such a win-win situation, am I right?

Do you want to know what this sexy Virtual Reality Porn star is capable of? Will she be able to get you into the water? Wear your favorite VR goggles, relax and watch this latest scene from VR Bangers right now!

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