Hasegawa Natsuki is Wide Open for Your Hard Business!

Who did not want to fuck a barmaid, put your hand up. We see no palms in the air, but it was a rhetorical question and we did not expect to see any. What was the point of asking it, then? Well, we only wanted to prove that barmaids are fucking sexy and everyone wanted to bang one of them at some point of their lives. This knowledge has been an inspiration for this newest Japanese VR Porn movie, as today with VR Bangers you will get to bang a sexy Asian barmaid Hasegawa Natsuki!

If you are an old member of the VR Bangers’ community, you already know that we have been working with some of these oriental hotties for a while now. These girls had became increasingly popular amongst our viewers, so we have decided to record a lot of the Japanese Virtual Reality Porn movies, as you have all been asking for them for a while now. We honestly love cooperating with them, as they are hard working and devoted to the case, making producing the VR Porn movies in the highest possible quality easier and more affordable.

Giving the Natsuki for example, when she is not being in front of our VR Porn camera, she is working as a barmaid in an exclusive pub that we happen to visit from time to time. Today we have sent there one of the biggest VR Bangers’ VIPs, to pay a visit to this Japanese cutie and check how is she doing in her “free” time. We have decided to record the whole situation and share it with you, our beloved members, as this way we are letting you get closer to us, our performers and our premium contents.

Natsuki immediately noticed that the guy is in the building, and went straight to him, asking what would he like to drink. Since she is a real professional and want the people to see her from the best possible side, she soon realized that it is not about the drinking, and that she could offer him something way more interesting and valuable instead. Do not get us wrong – she is not a hooker – yet she is not stupid either, and she immediately noticed that we are recording this whole situation with the VR Porn camera, and that anything she does now will be visible to the VR Bangers’ viewers as well.

Few moments later the hot Jap is on her knees already, sucking on the agent’s dick and looking straight into the VR Porn camera lens. This whole situation only gets better with every minute, so you should definitely pay some attention and watch it to the very end – it will be worth it, we solely swear! So what are you waiting for? Wear your VR goggles ASAP and get sucked into this immersive Asian Virtual Reality Porn movie in 4K!

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