Hasegawa Natsuki will ASSist your dick and balls!

They say that “if you ever need a helping hand, you’ll find one at the end of your arm” which means pretty much that you can count only on yourself, especially in business. And what about the VR Porn biz? Well, there’s plenty of “helping hands” around, but that’s not exactly something that you need right now. What to do, then? Well, create a business, hire an assistant and start making money – sounds really easy, right? Unfortunately, it can get really complicated.

Your workers and helpers can easily confuse your instructions, and definitely they could have more negative characteristics than the positive ones. Laziness, unpunctuality, untidiness and many others – is there any way to hire a specialist that you can really count on? Well, you can always employ a VR Porn star like Hasegawa Natsuki to at least have some special “benefits” of such worker. Do you wanna know what perks do we mean? We’re pretty sure that you already know, but if you’re still wondering, simply watch our newest sex scene in virtual reality to find out for yourself!

If you’re a regular VR Bangers’ watcher, you probably know by now that we’re only working with the hottest girls on the planet. Natsuki is obviously one of them, so this is pretty much the first plus of having her employed. Not to mention that she knows exactly how to wear to be both sexy and stay professional. Her tight skirts, stockings and white formal shirts are making you feel like she’s been doing her job properly, in the same time giving you hard boner every time you look at her.

Secondly, as it comes for a good employee, she’ll do anything to satisfy her boss. So if you’re having a bad day, since your wife or girlfriend had a headache, simply ask Natsuki for an aforementioned “helping hand” and you’ll have your stress relieved.

You can always count on a fast handjob, or a sloppy blowjob if you want. And if you’re in a mood for some fucking, just wear your VR goggles on and bang her whilst listening to her Japanese moaning and groaning – they say that the Asian vixens are the tightest ones of them all, so it’s worth giving a shot, right? Feel like jizzing on her face? Just hit her with your hot load and she’ll surely lick it all up and swallow it, not to make the working area dirty.

You can even cum inside her to give her a creampie if you like, since she’s a real pro and she’s using contraception, so there’s no need to worry for babies – thankfully VR Porn is 100% safe in that matter, so you can fuck all our hotties crossing your boundaries and without any limits. Soon we’re going to add some more Japanese virtual reality porn scenes, so you’ll have more opportunities to do some interracial fucking with Asian sluts – we’re sure you’re gonna love it!

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