Have a Sexy MILFshake With Ariella Ferrera and Mercedes Carrera!

Do you remember these cheerful and bright milk shakes advertisements with people singing and dancing with their favorite milk drinks in chocolate, strawberry or coconut taste, trying to convince you that their beverages are the best and that you should drink them as soon as possible? You know, the ones with girls in pin-up style and boys in tap shoes like in 60s. Wear your VR headset now and you’ll have a unique opportunity of becoming a director of one ot those ads in the MILFy Way VR porn video from VR Bangers!

In this brand new VR porn movie, it’ll be you and the actors on the ad’s set trying to record yet another of those attractive spots to promote your super delicious milk drink among the people in all ages (obviously, mostly the adults though). Even though your actors will be doing great and everything will be going according to the plan, two of them won’t be able to meet your expectations, thus they’ll require a 1-on-1 conversation with the director – that is with you, as long as you’re wearing your VR goggles.

Aforementioned girls are no other but two super-hot VR pornstars working for VR Bangers – namely Ariella Ferrera and Mercedes Carrera – who even though are simply great in shooting some VR porn videos, just won’t fit in their roles tonight, ending up being so bad that you’ll be thinking about getting rid of them. Now else the girls will prove to be useful to you, else they’re out of the business for good, so both of these sexy MILFs will have to do something about the situation and rebuild some of your trust and attention.

Thankfully the girls have a lot of different talents that they can boast of, so in the matter of minutes they’ll be kneeling in front of you and sucking your dick with two sets of lips – that’s a treatment that a pro ad’s director like you could expect from his actors. These VR porn sluts are willing to do just anything to keep their jobs, so you should think twice before asking them to give you some of her famous adult movies talents – you should not rest on your laurels and definitely ask them literally for anything that’ll come to your mind.

What else are the girls capable of to stay in the ad and secure themselves a spot in incoming ones? Are they good enough to change your mind about them? Wear your VR visor and find out on your own in this newest 3D 360° VR porn fantasy from VR Bangers to fulfill your dream of being a famous director and have a two amazing MILF whores who’ll do just anything for their VR porn boss!

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