Have a Sexy Shopping Session with Kimmy Granger!

Have you ever been shopping with your wife or girlfriend? You haven’t? Then you’re a one god damn lucky bastard! Picking some clothes with women literally takes ages, as they can never tell whether they want to get this dress, or maybe this one… This is a living hell, we’re telling you! On the other hand, buying some new sexy lingerie might compensate you all the hardships, so maybe sometimes it’s worth it? Oh, and what if you could go and pick some panties and bras on your own to get rid of the tortures and still get yourself some extra stuff when coming back home? Sounds like a great idea! What could possibly go wrong? Well… your shop assistant could be a super-hot VR porn videos’ performer, and we both know that anything can happen when you’re around one of those goddesses!

If you’ve guessed that the above mentioned pitch is a scenario of our newest VR porn movie, then you’ve just hit the jackpot and you should definitely wear your VR goggles ASAP to check it out straight away. Or maybe first let us tell you about this little story of ours…

So, as discussed, you came up with a brilliant idea to go shopping for some spicy lingerie on your own. As soon as you’ve entered the shop, one of the top shop clerks Kimmy Granger came to aid you, trying to give you the first very good impression on the shop and make you buy as many clothes as possible. This amazing VR porn starlet would do anything to satisfy you both in the virtual reality and in some real life situations, so no wonder that she’s once again trying to make up to your needs.

As there’s no better way of showing some sexy clothes than on a body of beautiful women, there’s no wonder that Kimmy suggested you that maybe you two should try on some of these panties and bras on… her? You don’t need to be asked twice, especially that in the VR porn movies everything looks really realistic and lifelike in stunning 4K and 360 degrees, so you let her put on her some pieces of lingerie one after another, which naturally leads to something more intense…

How intense you ask? Well, this is a VR Bangers’ virtual reality video, so you should definitely have your requirements set up really high – and no, we’re not gonna disappoint you this time either! In this immersive 4K VR porn fantasy, seemingly normal shopping will soon enough change into a hardcore fucking with moans and groans going through the mall and way behind the changing room’s curtain, so get your VR headset and some headphones on and let Kimmy change your opinion about such boutiques!

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