Have a Train Ride with Sexy Suzumiya Kotone!

Have you ever picked some girl on the train, bus or at the station? Even if going to the club seems to be more reasonable, as the ladies are usually drunk in such places, thus easier to score, you should definitely think this over – this might be the best place to pick up a girl, really! We know that life is not as easy as watching VR Banger’s VR Porn movies, and everything can go a little harder IRL, but just think about it: a lonely lady with a bag, who is lost in the middle of the city she does not know – you could probably become her helping hand, right? This method is well tried and works in most of the cases, but even if somehow you would not succeed, you can always go back home and watch our Virtual Reality Porn videos for consolation.

Another movie joins our big library today, as we have decided to shoot a VR Porn scene with a scenario similar to the one mentioned above. You meet a girl on the train, pick her up, and few minutes later, out of nowhere, you jump in the bed with her, and she is sucking on your swollen balls while looking at you with her cute eyes. This situation was a fantasy that we had not covered yet, and since we are always trying to meet all your needs, we are happy to present it to you.

Today’s girl is going to be no other than a sexy Japanese VR Porn slut, Suzumiya Kotone, who once again strikes with her amazing moaning and cock-riding skills. Kotone may seem to be one of those shy girls, but as soon as she will feel comfortable around you, she will show you her true potential and ask you to fulfill her deeply hidden needs. If you still do not believe us, just look at the panties that she is wearing today and ask yourself if a “gray mouse” type of a girl would wear such lingerie. Such panties combined with her private nature are a combination that will surely make you satisfied, so you should definitely join her in this Virtual Reality Porn fantasy to make your dreams come true.

She will suck your dick with use of an ancient Asian method, and just like in acupuncture, you will feel relaxed and loose as soon as she is done. Not to mention that these oriental pussies are the tightest ones around, and you will have the time of your life as soon as you will insert your schlong inside of this narrow coochy. Kotone is an open-minded person and she has been having a lot of fun while recording this VR Porn scene, so you will feel like you have been there with her as soon as you will get your VR goggles on your head – we promise!

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