Have You Heard About New VR Bangers’ Forums?

From the very beginning of the VRBangers.com website’s existence, we have always wanted to be as close with our fans as it is only possible. We kept on coming up with the ideas like voting systems and/or some blogs and articles that could bring your attention to your work, yet eventually all these things felt not good enough and we simply had to do something more direct to keep in touch with you. Having that in mind we have just recently launched the VR Bangers’ VR porn forums – the place entirely dedicated to our members, in which you can all talk, discuss and tell us about just anything that comes to your heads in connection with our VR porn films. In the following article we want to tell you a little something about the capabilities of our newest community board, going one category after another to make sure that you all know why it even is out there.

The General subforum

This is both the least and the most important of all the places on the boards, as even though it is the least specific one, you can really ask on whatever that comes in your minds over here. Did not like some of our latest initiatives? Let us know! Something on the website does not feel right? Just post it in here! A lot of VR Bangers’ employees go through this section at least few times a day, so sooner or later you will always get the answer for the tempting issue, as we always want to get the most of our VR porn experiences as it is only possible!

The Scene Feedback section

Did not like some of our latest VR porn films? Something looks bad and/or ruined your immersion in this VR porn movie that was supposed to blow up your mind? Relax and just straight ahead let us know about that! We always appreciate the feedback regarding our VR porn videos, so the more you tell us about them, the better they will be in the future!

The Scene Ideas subpage

This could actually be the most important section from your point of view, even though it is not crucial for the VR Bangers’ website’s functioning. We do have a lot of ideas for future VR porn scenes and you would be surprised how far-fetched our plans are, but we will always accept some of your thoughts, and maybe even bring them to life with the future VR porn releases? Going there is the best thing that you could do to virtually materialize one of the deepest hidden sexual fantasies that you have ever had…

The Technical Support area

Last but not least comes the technical section – perhaps the most important part from OUR side. We work our asses off to always ensure that our VR porn films are working flawlessly smooth, but sometimes even we make mistakes and if you find any of those, just make sure to let us know about that as soon as possible! Every tech feedback is greatly appreciated and only with your help we could make our website even better and proceed with it’s growth towards perfection of VR porn experiences.

Everything is clear? No further questions? Or, you actually do have some? Then see you in the forums! Now finally you can reply to our blogs and articles, so whatever you feel or think about the content that we publish on VRBangers.com, just let us know on our brand new boards!