Hot cheerleader Mia Li has the best way to wake you up

You are an incredible college football player who just won one of his most important games in his life. Naturally, after winning you decided to celebrate, and unfortunately, you passed out from all the drinking you did. On the next day, when you woke up, you were definitely surprised with the view in front of you.

On top of you, you could see an incredible Asian brunette who was wearing your jersey while her legs were spread nice and wide. She was also penetrating her pussy with a small white vibrator.

You realized that the Asian brunette is actually Mia Li, one of your biggest supporters, and even if she was moaning out loud while playing with the toy,  she moaned even louder when she made herself cum by drilling her snatch with her fingers.

Oh did I wake you up?” Mia asks you right after she had an orgasm. “Shame that you passed out last night, you could have been in this you know?” she says while spreading her pussy.

But do not worry, you impressed me at the game yesterday, so I will give you another chance,” she tells you before she takes off the jersey she was wearing. “Touch the titties of your favorite cheerleader,” Mia says again as she takes your hand and puts it on her big tits.

After you massaged her big beautiful breasts for a while, Mia then got on top of you in a way of having her juicy ass towards your face. Without any hesitation, you decided to spread her pussy and massage it with your thumbs, and since she just had an orgasm, she could not prevent herself from moaning.

You hear Mia tell you “Oh yeah, I want you to stick your fingers deep inside of me” as you start to finger her hard. Once she got completely wet one more time, this amazing Asian got down on her knees in front of you so she can deepthroat your big boner.

While she was sucking you off, you could hear her choke on your cock, and you could also see a lot of spit dripping out of her mouth when she took the boner out.

Upon making your cock completely soaked in her saliva, Mia started to ride you in the cowgirl position. However, after riding you for just a little bit, she noticed that you are thrusting your cock, so she just stopped in one place so you can control how deep you go.

Mia got off of you while saying “I will clean up my mess now” before she took your cock into her hand and licked off all of the juices her pussy left behind.

Once she licked off everything, she continued to ride you in the cowgirl position a little bit more until you got close to your own orgasm. “I want you to cum in my mouth,” she says before getting off of you again.

Then Mia stroked on your raging boner delivered a huge load directly into her mouth, and you watched her swallow everything.

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