Hot Geisha Girls are here to pleasure you

Upon your visit to the VRB geisha house, you find yourself in the waiting room, sitting on a cozy couch. Not long after you sat down, you see three incredible Asian babes in front of you.

Each one of them was wearing something that made her stand out from the others. The first one was wearing a black dress, the second one was wearing black fishnet stockings while the third one was wearing a simple orange dress.

Welcome to the VR bangers geisha house, we are here for your pleasure. Please pick who you would like to service you.” said the babe in the black dress.

You decided to point your finger at her since she was in the middle, and as a representative, she must have the most experience. You see her getting down on her knees in front of you while saying “As you wish“.

This beauty will then immediately take out your cock and start sucking on it while stroking you with one of her hands. Meanwhile, you will be able to see the other two beauties making out while fondling each other’s bodies in the background.

Your cock tastes delicious” said the girl in the black dress after you saw her take it completely down her throat. Seeing that the other two babes would also like some action, you decided to invite them to join the party.

Now you are in the position where three Asian cuties are all pleasuring your hard cock with their wet tongues. Since all of them are getting kind of hot, they will start to strip off their clothes.

After they remove their top layers, one of the babes will take her big boobs and start stroking your hard cock while the other two beauties keep kissing you.

Once they make out with you for a while, the girl that was wearing the orange dress will bend over so the girl in stockings can start fingering her juicy pussy. As she fingers her, she will occasionally lick the juices off of her fingers before fingering her some more.

The next thing that happens is that you see all three babes bending over towards you while they are taking off their bottom part.

When all of them get naked, one of the girls will continue sucking you off while the other two display a nice fingering performance while they are around you.

The girl that was wearing stockings is the one being fingered this time, and as the girl from the beginning, goes deeper and deeper, you will hear her moan louder and louder.

Eventually, you are going to give them a sign that you are about to cum. At that moment, all three girls will get down on their knees around your cock one more time, waiting for your delicious sperm to come out of your cock.

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