Hot VR session with incredible Joseline Kelly playing an FBI Agent

Sometimes, it is a really good time to be the bad guy, like in this scenario where you are watching the FBI Agent Lana Scully entering your hotel room, hoping that she will find you and put you under arrest. Little does she know that you planned out everything for her, as you are keeping her partner Rex Mulger as your hostage.

When she noticed the camera, you decided to give her a call. When you told her about her captive partner, you could hear that she would do anything in order to save him as she asked: “You have my partner in hostage“.

You already planned out a little game for her. Since she gave signs of desperation over the phone, you told her to look in the box, and put on a little show, just for you. As she finished the call with you, she decided to follow your instructions, so she opened up the box.

Inside the box, there was a message for her and a nice rubber dildo. The message stated, “If you ever want to see your partner alive, you will have to entertain me by putting on a show for this VR sex capturing camera“.

After that, this hot redhead FBI Agent Lana Scully decided to play along, as if she was actually glad to have a little fun because she didn’t have time to play with herself due the time she spent on your case.

She took off her jacket, and then she started to tease you with her beautiful legs. While looking into the VR camera you prepared for her, she just said “I know you want this“. Then she proceeded to take off her clothes, while showing off her amazing tight ass that any man would slam as hard as he could.

Her striptease show was taking quite a while, but instead of being ashamed, you could tell that she was enjoying it. There was more than doing it just for her partner’s life, you knew that she was a naughty little girl.

As she got completely naked, you could see how horny she was just from the look she was giving you through the VR camera, and after she went through her pussy with her fingers a couple of times, she decided to use the sex toy you left her.

When she cleared the little chair where her gun and the box were, she put one of her legs on it,  while she put the other one in the air. As she was about to plunge herself with the toy, she told you “I hope this is how your real cock feels like“.

While she was plunging her nicely trimmed pussy, the FBI Agent could not stop herself from moaning.She decided to switch positions while doing it too, because she was that horny.

As she was about to climax, you could see how much she was enjoying it. Consider what just happened, you probably enjoyed this hot redhead FBI Agent masturbating for your VR porn capturing camera too.

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