How Many Babes Have You Banged in VR?

Hey there, bangers! My name’s Paul and in case you don’t recognize my handsome face, I’m the concierge on, the internet’s leading virtual porn directory. Ive been at this ever since Oculus first released their DK1 prototype – that’s 2012, people! Since then, I’ve reviewed nearly 100 adult VR sites, as well as all of the mainstream headsets including the GearVR, Google’s Cardboard and Daydream View, the PSVR and the OSVR. Honestly, with the help of all those devices, I’ve bagged more hot pornstars than James Deen!

Virtual Reality’s Growing Popularity

Despite a lot of industry naysaying, VR is on the upswing and I don’t think we’ve even begun to scratch the surface of what this technology can afford the human experience, especially when it comes to spicing up our sex lives. It’s more than just porn, y’know, with lots of hardcore games too, not to mention resource sites where you can learn how to manufacture/design your own content. There’s so much to say that Ive started posting a blog once a week on my site, on all sorts of topics that exist at the intersection of tech and sex. So if you ever find yourself wondering what’s new in adult virtual reality, be sure to add it to your bookmarks.

The Next-Generation Adult VR Site

Maybe you’re new to VR Bangers or maybe you’ve been here before, but this site has had me buzzin’ ever since I first landed on their tour page. To say these people do virtual reality porn right would be a major understatement. Their video quality, variety of scenes, level of customization and dedication to innovation (many of their scenes have teledildonic compatibility with either the Lovense and Kiroo), all led me to start calling them the next-generation VR site.

360° is Allowing for More Immersive Position-Specific Erotic Experiences

Most virtual porn sites are producing 180° scenes, since most of the sex happens right in front of you and there’s really no reason to see what’s happening behind you. But when done right, 360° scenes really do offer twice the fun, and that’s exactly what VR Bangers offers. Their 360° videos are further complemented by another genius innovation that’s slowly but surely catching speed: VR by position. Basically you can choose a scene depending on the position you’re in: standing, sitting, lying down or even in an office swivel chair! This goes a long way in putting the “reality” in virtual reality and helps to heighten your experience.

Apps: Goodbye Porn on Browsers?

Another innovation that’s catching on is fully accessible apps. They’re free to download with your membership and they essentially bypass the need to log in to a site. Not only does an app offer a faster, more convenient and more streamlined interface, it also automatically updates every time you log in, so you’ll get access to new scenes the second they’re released. You also don’t have to worry about sacrificing any user features like being able to save or adjust your preferences.

Interactive Sex Games Are on the Rise

Even though I primarily review adult content, I’ve also reviewed over a dozen adult VR games that you can fully immerse yourself in while wearing your headset. VR Bangers also has their own sexy animated game called The Dragon MILF. It’s a fully interactive and erotic experience, with a fun fantasy-drama theme. If you like X-rated games that you can play with your virtual headset, be sure to check out my 3D animated games category. I’ve got over a dozen listed.

The Future Looks Bright for Virtual Porn

VRBangers is a great site and a testament to the promise of continuing innovation for the medium as a whole. Though I would be remiss to mention that some of their features are currently restricted to the more advanced PC-based headsets, namely the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive. But they have stated that they’re working on allowing those advanced elements to become operable on smartphone-based viewers. What’s not up for debate though is that with sites like VRBangers, and their commitment to innovation and 360° 3D scenes, there’s no telling what’s in store for us VR heads down the line. For more VR porn listings, in-depth reviews and insightful blogs, visit me at