HTC Confirms Vive Cosmos at CES 2019!

Only a few days ago we talked about the latest HTC’s tease, as the company has successfully hyped all their fans and made them wait eagerly for what is to come at this year’s CES event. It turned out that our assumptions that the box with the firm’s VR equipment has had the items associated with the previously registered trademark were correct – introducing the Vive Cosmos, the latest HTC’s VR headset. Even though it is not a standalone VR visor, it still has some great features and could be an awesome choice for a fan of immersive VR porn movies.

The goggles are designed to be easy to use and versatile regardless of our experience with VR. There is not much written about the new tracking in space system – we only know that it is about to be wide and accurate, and that there is a mention of gesture control. All this, both goggles and controllers, are meant to work in 6 degrees of freedom (6-DoF) in a really easy, you could say a “plug and play”, matter. This is indeed a great plus for some VR porn films’ watching, as you never know when you will be in the mood for some fapping, right?

The screens in Vive Cosmos are to offer the sharpest (so far from HTC) image with a minimal screen door effect. They are supposed to be “real RGB displays”, but no technical details are available at the moment. There are also assurances that this VR headset will provide an increased comfort. The head mounting resembles a system from the PlayStation VR and has the ability to quickly set up and remove goggles from the head. We will also have the ability to quickly flip the headset to return to the real world – which could be extremely useful if someone would catch you red-handed fapping to some VR porn experiences, right?

On the website, the producer has also provided an information about the new, soft, breathable material that is to be easy to dry. A PSVR-style crowning assembly is supposed to let you “do not mess your hair” while traveling to virtual worlds. However, the fine print still contains information about headphones that are not visible in all pictures and graphics – and, as it seems, those will be only sold separately.

Last part of the device is its’ controllers. Do not they resemble the construction of the intersection of Oculus Touch controllers and those from Windows Mixed Reality? On each of them you can see the joystick, two buttons, the Vive button and the trigger and grip. Here, the touchpad known to us from controllers from the classic Vive has been dispensed. Analog knobs are to be more player-friendly and more universal. Depending on the shot, it may seem that on each of the controllers there will be even two triggers. Hopefully, they will be as or more ergonomic as the Oculus Rifta controllers.

This is pretty much everything that we know about the Vive Cosmos at this very moment. If we will only find out something new, we will surely inform you on the main page of