HTC Teases New Vive Gear Coming at CES 2019!

Last year on CES 2018, HTC company has teased the entire VR world with some great news that turned out to be their newest VR headset – the HTC Vive Pro. Since CES 2019 is right behind the corner, the firm is doing something similar this year as well, promising some “new gear” that will be revealed next week on the event. In few days from now, this massive consumer tech show in Vegas is about to take place, and we obviously can’t wait for entire stream of good VR porn movies’ related news coming ahead. The HTC’s announcement on Twitter opens this year’s season of new VR devices and we are really hyped about new things that are about to come – after all the HTC Vive Pro happened to be a really refined pair of VR goggles and, according to our statistics, a lot of you use them to watch our 6K UHD VR porn films, so presumably the latest news could be equally good… or maybe even better!

Image courtesy: HTC

Here you can see the image shared with us on HTC’s Twitter account that we linked you above. The company says: “The truck is loaded and we’re excited be on our way to #CES2019. The cases are packed with some new gear we can’t wait to unbox for you. Keep tuned to @htcvive social media during CES for announcements, news and daily coverage. #HTCVIVE #VIVEPORT”. The three big crates shown in the photo represent Vive, Viveport, and a third one which is Vive something, with the second word intentionally blurred out. Interestingly, the blurred wording on the third create looks like it could read COSMOS (Vive Cosmos is a trademark registered by the company some time ago) in all caps, but it’s tough to say definitely.

But what could the crate be hiding inside? Perhaps HTC is about to reveal something that could compete with the latest Oculus’ VR headset – the Oculus Quest? Even though we have heard about the HTC Vive Focus some time ago, it has a barely working 6DOF controller and it doesn’t feel like it was designed for regular customers – especially when taking into consideration what’s going on with the dev kit that is hardly available to anyone outside of the group of Chinese developers. This pretty much means that even though the HTC Vive Focus seemed to be something really good for VR porn videos, the incoming , presumably, Vive Cosmos, could have been even better for enhancing the immersion of high-quality VR porn experiences.

Vive Pro, Vive Focus and Vive Business Edition VR headsets | Image courtesy: HTC

For now we can only wonder, but in only few days (on January 8-11, 2019) it will all become fair and square and we can’t really wait for the event to finally begin. Virtual Reality Bangers will do our best to stay updated with everything that the latest CES event has to offer, so do not worry and stay in touch with us to get informed about all these VR porn related news as soon as possible!

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