HTC Vive, Mozilla and AWS Create an Exceptional VR Web Browser

HTC, the pioneer of the virtual reality market, announced a few days ago the first such collaboration between three VR industry-related companies: Mozilla Firefox, Amazon Sumerian AWS and Fidelity Investments. According to the producer, it will enable consumers to bring virtual reality to their everyday lives, allowing them to immerse themselves completely in the created worlds even when just browsing websites – and such words sounds really promising for a producer of top-notch 6K UHD VR porn videos. The cooperation will begin with Firefox Reality becoming the default web browser on HTC Vive, providing users with convenience, security and privacy – and also, presumably, being a great prognosis for the official support for our VR porn movies.

Hoping to simplify the placement of online content in virtual reality – meaning shops in VR, games, experiences and, implicitly, some VR porn contents, too – HTC Vive has partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS), whose platform called Amazon Sumerian provides developers and companies with tools to easily create and implement solutions in VR.

“This year, we decided to bring tasks that we do every day inside the immersion of virtual reality,” said Michael Almeraris, Vice President of Partnerships and Content, HTC VIVE. “By working with Mozilla and Amazon Web Services, we’re closing the gap in XR processing, giving users the opportunity to access an even larger pool of VR applications, while supporting developers in creating the content even faster.”

Mozilla Firefox

Browsing websites in VR while using standard tools that exist for years now is not the simplest or most convenient way of doing. That’s why HTC Vive turned to Mozilla Firefox to change this image. Thanks to the advancement of this VR browser, the company hopes to achieve the optimized use of network resources via VR, supporting many different kinds of contents (like shopping, browsing favorite websites and watching some VR porn videos, too) in a fast and convenient way. Firefox will be the default web browser for Vive, Vive Pro and upcoming VIVE Cosmos.

Amazon Sumerian

As part of this collaboration, HTC Vive joins forces also with Amazon Sumerian to launch the real web VR to the virtual reality markets. Thanks to this cooperation, the developers of HTC Vive will be able to create immersive content and websites optimized for VR, which do not require specialized programming. Using Sumerian, developers can quickly design, test and deploy sites and many different kinds of contents in VR – including VR porn scenes for adults, as well. Thanks to the application, there is the possibility to immediately make them available to testers, other authenticated users or clients. In addition to VR, AWS and HTC plan to integrate Sumerian with Viveport to make all VR contents even faster than before.

Fidelity Investments

In order to present the full potential hidden in cooperation with Mozilla Firefox and Amazon Sumerian, HTC will host the prototype of the Fidelity Investments VR website – enabling its clients to immerse themselves in investments using new tools for data visualization and allowing the cooperation between different users, family members or advisors. If this move will be successful, we, Virtual Reality Bangers, really hope that in the future the company will be opened for new cooperations and one day our VR porn scenes would get an official support, too.

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