I ain’t saying Sara Kay is a gold digger, but…

Do you like big houses? Villas? Palaces? Luxurious buildings, furnished with high quality goods, leathers, carpets… Not everyone can afford such extravagance, so only few have such a home, but every time when I am thinking of living in such richness, I am always wondering… who the fuck cleans these houses?

For most of us cleaning even a seemingly small apartment can be horrible when it comes to sweeping, vacuuming, wiping, washing… Fortunately, there is one solution – which is not cheap by the way, but if you can afford a big house then you will certainly be able afford this too – you can always rent a maid!

The cleaner will come at the appointed time, clean everything that you want to get cleaned, and then disappear as if nothing ever happened together with the dust, stains and dirt from the whole apartment or house. What are the responsibilities of such a person? Well, it depends on her, but usually it’s stuff like doing laundry, cleaning, sometimes cooking or ironing clothes… And what if your maid is the sexy VR Porn Star, Sara Kay? In this case, the range of services offered drastically widens – for a reasonable fee, of course.

Sarah comes to your huge house, as always punctually and starts cleaning up. Her outfit is quite tight, so you can see her feminine shapes reflecting on her clothes. You’re cunning, so you turned up the air conditioning to see how her nipples get hard when you can see them through her blouse. But you want something a lot bigger and you’re gonna get it, one way or another!

You ask the young girl to come to you, pull out the bill from the wallet and offer her: “You will get that money if you clean my house… naked.” At first the girl reacts indignantly: “WHAT?! Are you crazy? Never in your life!” And when she was almost about to leave your apartment, you reached for another note, so she’s stopped and started seriously wondering about your proposal. To be fair, it’s doing her normal work, only this time without clothes, that could earn her 4 times more cash than usual. She could buy so many cool things with that money, right? Although she is naked in her Virtual Reality Porn scenes, this is still a different kind of work, so she still has doubts, but eventually… the girl starts to undress!

You’re watching as the next parts of her clothes are falling of, while she reveals her stabbing titties, swollen nipples and beautiful rounded hips. You even managed to see her juicy pussy as she bent to wipe down the lower shelf and you already know that whatever the cost, today you have to feel the narrow insides of the young cleaner.

So you reach to your wallet again, this time grabbing a lot more money and you once again make her the deal she can’t throw away. Do you want to find out what the young star of VR Porn will do? Watch the “Money Talks” scene from VR Bangers and see for yourself! And if you’re looking for more slutty teens like Sara, you can find them over here, or here.

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