If Only Every Maid Was Like Marica Hase

During your stay at the five-star hotel, a maid by the name Marica Hase will come to your room. Since you did not expect that to happen, you decided to hide under some bed sheets because you were completely naked. However, as the maid leaves the items she brought to your room on the table, Marica will notice that you got a hard-on while you were looking at her.

Since she is wearing a very sexy uniform that consists of a white shirt, a black skirt and some black stockings with a garter belt, you can’t really blame yourself for getting excited. Marica will then swiftly remove the bed sheets, revealing your completely naked body.

Of course, she is going to like what she found, so she will slowly crawl towards you from the opposite side of the bed. Marica will start pleasuring you by stroking your raging boner as she compliments your big shaft “Your cock seems to be really big, mind if I play with it for a while?“.

When it got as big as it could, Marica decided to rub your dick with her feet. The feeling of her stockings touching your raging boner felt truly sensational, and that is when you really wished that she provides you with some even bigger pleasures.

After she took off her clothes, she will give you a quick blowjob, just to make your cock moist enough for the upcoming penetrating. Marica will start riding you in the cowgirl position, and as she impales herself on your hard cock, you will hear her moan out loud each time your cock goes completely inside of her.

Eventually, she will run out of stamina, so she will let you take control, but in order to completely regain her strength, she will turn into the reverse cowgirl where she can lay down on your legs.

While Marica has her delicious ass turned towards you, you will immediately grab both of her juicy ass cheeks as you start thrusting her pink taco. Since you are in control now, your pecker will penetrate her even deeper than before which will now make her scream in pleasure instead.

As you get tired as well, you will stand up and get in front of her while she is still on the bed. Now, Marica will start sucking on your raging boner one more time before you fuck her some more.

When you felt ready to plow her again, she placed herself into the doggy position. As you stuck your raging boner into her, you could feel that you are hitting some untouched places in her love tunnel.

You could feel her vagina walls being rubbed by the tip of your boner, and each time you passed the previously untouched spots, Marica moaned a little.

For the big finally, you told Marica to lay down on her back so you can spread her legs and fuck her in the missionary position. You will continue doing so until you deliver a nice hot load over her hairy pussy.

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