Jackie Wood Gets the Job by Stretching with Masturbation

You are a woman who is holding one of the biggest fitness centers in the city, and you decided it is time to expand. But in order to expand your fields, you need to hire more professional fitness instructors.

During the day you interviewed the candidates, many of them were quite good, however, one of them stood out from the others. Since she knew that you are into beautiful women with extraordinary bodies and qualities, Jackie Wood decided to use that in order to get herself a job in the new branch of your company.

She put on an amazing fitness outfit that was perfect to highlight her best attributes. Her top part was exceptionally good as it showed off her big juicy ass while also teasing whoever was looking with a nice cleavage of her big titties. Jackie was also wearing white leg warmers which were quite a nice touch.

During her interview, she started it off normally by doing some stretching on the yoga carpet and she also used the fitness ball. While she was using the ball, she faced her ass towards you, and you could not deny that you started to stare.

Naturally, she noticed what you are doing, and of course, Jackie then knew that her plan to get the job is definitely going to work.

Do you want this ass maybe?” she asks you before giving it a hard spank. She then approached you and caressed you thighs while asking you “Do you want to touch my body? Mmm, your body is so smooth“.

As she revealed her big titties, she asked you if you want to feel her body on her body, and then she dragged those beautiful milk cans over your legs.

Jackie will then sit in your lap, and grind you as you watch her big beautiful tits bounce around. At one point she is also going to press them to your face while telling you “Come kiss these“.

After that, she got off of you and she decided to take off her top part. She played around with her pussy for a little bit, ad then she did some sexy posing where she bent over so you can see her beautiful figure.

Do you think I am stretched out enough? I think I need a little bit more stretching” Jackie says before she positions herself into the doggy position on the couch.

She then takes a sex toy out of nowhere, which definitely caught you off guard. You really got a liking to this girl as she penetrated her tight love tunnel with her pink sex toy.

While you were mesmerized by her performance, Jackie continued to display how she can pleasure herself with the sex toy in a couple of different positions.

I love when you are watching me, may I cum for you?” she asked while breathing heavily as she rubbed her precious jewel. Moments later, Jackie had a sensational orgasm, that was definitely what made you hire her as your fitness instructor.

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