Jureka Del Mar will show you how they do it in the Philippines!

date_range October 25, 2017
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Jureka Del Mar will show you how they do it in the Philippines!

Have you ever heard about sex vacations? You are leaving your country to explore the world, fucking a local girl in every country to find out how’s sex in her culture. Fucking can take many forms, and during such vacations you can learn a lot - almost as much as when watching Virtual Reality Porn from VR Bangers!

There is one more way to enjoy some “cultural experiences” with girls from all over the world - student exchange! To be honest, this method is even easier (and less expensive) because firstly, the girl comes to you, and secondly, the foreigner in your country will usually be lost and your help will be “appreciated”, which is really close to arranging some hot scenes straight from VR Porn.

Jureka Del Mar is, what can be easily noticed by her exotic name, a student exchange program member from the Philippines. The girl is young, a little lost, and her English is far from being perfect. But one thing is sure, she knows perfectly well why she came to your country - for you it is just a student exchange, but for her these are the aforementioned sex holidays and, lucky you, she’s decided that in this country you’ll be the one she bangs!

You do not know the second one like her - her exotic beauty, numerous tattoos, unique accent and earrings make her definitely stand out from the crowd, yet it turns you on even more! As soon as the girl enters your apartment, she goes straight at you and your American cock. She grabs it as hurriedly as if she was waiting for it all the way from the Philippines, greedily putting it deep into her throat.

While stripping in front of you to show you her firm boobs, you can observe all her sexy tatooes which make you even hornier. Jureka even has tattoos in her pussy area, which is great for the VR Porn scene! No one has ever given you head in that way and the surprising technique of the young girl makes you begin to wonder what else can surprise you in a Filipino sex school.

When the girl finally puts your dick deep into her pussy, she turns out to be, as expected, very tight and wet inside, despite her many adventures while touring the whole world. Jureka jumps on you, riding you even faster and moaning loudly - interestingly, when excited, her moans do not resemble those you have heard so far, so cultural differences are in the end important when it comes to groaning.

When Jureka notices you are close to cum, she bends over your hard penis and swallows all your hot jizz that you are throwing out of your body under high pressure. You regret that she did not let her you cum on her tattoos, but now you at least have an excuse to have sex with her once again.

The girl leaves your house, probably preparing for another trip and for the next dick from another country and/or state. Now you know that sex is an international language, and even if your partner does not speak perfect English, she should still understand your hard cock perfectly good.

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