Katana – your wife’s hot nudist sister!

Are fantasies about the stepsister a bad thing? What if she’s a 19-year-old Asian girl with a sexy body and feminine shapes? In the Virtual Reality Porn world there are no bad and forbidden things – the only limits here are your own fantasy and the field of view of your VR goggles!

Katana, a young VR Porn model, is the aforementioned sister of your wife, who appeared in your life out of nowhere. A young girl knocked on your door and said she was your wife’s stepsister and that your wife agreed to let her stay with you for a while. You don’t see anything wrong with this, and since she’s a really good looking chick, you let her in and you wait for the events to develop.

Katana brings her stuff to your apartment and when she’s unpacked her suitcase, she decides to clean up your apartment a little to help and repay her older sister for her hospitality. Since you have other things to do, you leave the girl alone and quit the room to take care of your responsibilities. After a while, when you come back to the room where the girl is cleaning, you can’t believe your own eyes – Katana is naked!

You’re shocked and don’t really understand what’s going on here, but you somehow manage to get your acts together and ask her: “Why are you naked?” She doesn’t feel any guilty and answers you calmly: “I am a nudist.” Even though this is just a VR Porn scene, you should consider yourself a lucky guy! Without any embarrassment, girl returns to her tasks and you’re all but left to wonder what could you do with this situation…

Moments later you have a brilliant idea – you can record it! First of all, it’s gonna be easy since you’re a big fan of Virtual Reality technology and you have all the required equipment for such situation; secondly, no one would actually believe you, so you need some proof.

After a while, the girl notices what you are doing and asks you to explain what you mean by that. She comes closer to you, to check on your camera and when she’s close enough, she accidentally notices that the sight of her naked sexy body has given you a boner! Once again without any embarrassment, she simply starts to touch you, explaining that this way she can pay you back for your kindness – it’s amazing how this ordinary day turned into a real VR Porn scene.

The girl unzips your jeans and starts sucking your cock deeper than her older sister ever did – it’s interesting how a young girl like her has such a talent, right? Katana sucks on your balls as the saliva flows down her cheeks and drips from her wet tongue. When you finally are not only hard but also damp enough, the girl decides to jump on you.

The young is riding on you for a while, pushing her firm ass up in front of you and jumping on you while her buttcheeks bounce off your balls. You squeeze her ass and spank her hard as she rides you as intensely as your wife never did.

When you can’t stand it anymore, the girl turns and takes your hot cum to her face, licking its leftovers from your throbbing cock. Katana goes back to cleaning – she does not even have to dress up – and you go back to do your duties as if nothing ever happened.

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