Katerina Hartlova thanks you for coaching her

You put all of your free time into coaching one of your best students, Katerina Hartlova. After a couple of years, she finally managed to compete for the championship title. Since it was too stressful to watch her game, you decided to wait in the lobby, and see the show it went after she returns.

One moment, you see Katerina running through the door while yelling “I did it, I won!” while waving the trophy in her hand. She quickly ran towards you, and then she tossed the trophy onto the couch before she hugged you and said “Oh my god, you are the best coach, thank you. I am so happy!

Since she really wanted to thank you for the coaching you provided her, and she was also looking for a way to celebrate, this blonde got down on her knees so she can massage your crotch with her hands. She also played around with her big tits under her shirt.

Come here and kiss me, ” she says before leaning towards you and kissing you passionately. After that, this incredible babe took out her gigantic tits and she started to play with them. She knew that you got very stressed during her game, and that is why she started to massage your crotch with her big tits.

When she noticed that you are completely erect, she decided to strip down her panties that were drenched in sweat and she smelled them before she proceeded to play with her pussy lips.

Seeing that Katerina teased you for quite a while now, she got down on her knees and took off your pants. She then took your big pulsating cock and started to suck on it with her beautiful lips. Once it was covered in her saliva, she put it between her big tits so she can stroke your boner with them.

Later on, this gorgeous blonde made you lay down on the floor so she can get her pussy very close to your face. When she did, you decided to spread her pussy lips before she got off of you so she can suck you off until you cum.

During the final minutes of the pleasure, she was providing you, Katerina used all of her amazing oral skills to make you feel incredible. She stroked your cock with her tits a little bit more before she completely deepthroated your big pecker.

As your cock reached the depths of her throat, you could see that she was having some trouble with it, but she kept on going until you came. Once you did, you could see that she is choking on your big load, but in the end, she managed to swallow all of it.

There, you are a winner too, and this is your reward,” she tells you before she went to clean herself up.

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