Katy Rose Enjoys a Good Fap Before Work

It is a standard Mondaymorning, you are just sitting in the kitchen, reading your favorite magazine. All of the sudden you hear your wife Katy Rose coming from upstairs. You look at her, and you immediately notice that she is wearing her favorite sleeping shirt with some pink panties. She looked really sexy.

As she approached the table, you can see that she wants something from you, but you can not point your finger on it. When she flashed you for a second prior to climbing on the table, you realized what is going on.

She crawled towards you, peeked at the magazine you were reading and then she threw it to the side, wanting all the attention only to herself.

Katy will then tease you for a while by making some extremely sexy poses on the table. She will continue flashing you her incredible tits from time to time while displaying her gorgeous long legs.

Shortly after that, she will bend over so you can have a nice view of her juicy ass. Here she will also start rubbing her pussy over the panties which will get her horny.

Now that she is in an even better mood, she will take off her shirt, revealing her small sized tits that she will fondle for a while, but not for too long as she has other things in mind.

She will turn towards you once again, however, this time she will spread her legs nicely so she can continue pleasuring herself over the panties. Not long after, she will lift her legs up in the air so she can slide the panties off.

Once she gets completely naked, she will continue teasing you with some sexy poses, but this time she will finger her pussy while she’s doing so.

Eventually, she will stop posing because she got to the point where her pussy is oozing with her juices, and it seeks attention from her fingers. As she spreads her legs, even more, you will be able to see Katy pleasuring herself right in front of you, it is a lot better than reading your favorite magazine.

Rubbing her clit and her pussy made her so horny, that she had to bend over into the doggy position. She will spend some time in it, trying to finger herself as deep as she can in order provide herself with some sensational pleasure.

However, since that is not as good as the position she’s previously been in, she will return to her starting position where she will continue masturbating.

As her fingers rapidly rub her clit, Katy will moan out loud while you are looking at her, and before you both know it, she will cum while having her fingers inside her pussy.

After that, she will take the fingers out so she can lick off her delicious juices before she makes her leave back to the bedroom upstairs.

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