Katy Rose will examine you tightly – literally!

November 15, 2017

Have you ever tried Viagra? These little blue pills can save every night. If your partner is a young, sexy and energetic VR Porn star with tight pussy, it’s really hard to keep up her pace several times in a row, so the help of blue tablets can come in handy. Apparently the effects of this supplement are so effective that not only you’ll get a many-hours boner, but your penis will be harder and bloodier than ever before.

But what if the effects of this medicine will be so good, that they won’t weaken with time and you won’t be able to get rid of the hard cock in your pants? You will need a professional medical help – fortunately sexy Virtual Reality Porn hygienist Katy Rose is here for you!

Katy enters the room in her nursing attire, and… Okay, wait a minute. Since when do nurses wear such a sexy clothes? Something isn’t right here, but the view of this beautiful woman is so satisfying that you don’t intend to protest, so you let her do some more research. The girl sits next to you and starts to write down the protocol of the meeting. She asks you a bunch of questions, such as: „Since when did you get this boner? Do you feel any pain? Did you have an orgasm recently? How long can you hold on…?” On the one hand, you understand perfectly where all these questions come from, but you have a feeling that they are not entirely professional. But again, you do not intend to oppose this situation, because you need help with your problem, since your huge penis begins to give you a discomfort feeling.

When questions come to an end, the actual part of the test begins – the girl sits next to you and asks you to take off your pants and boxers. She starts massaging your penis and watches it from every side, and she clearly likes what she sees. After all, your suspicions are confirmed when Katy can’t stand and puts your cock into her mouth. On the one hand you are angry – you came here for help, but on the other… she’s a really sexy nurse, and maybe if she helps you out that way, then the blood will finally flow down from your donger… And that’s why you let her continue and allow her to do what she wants.

The girl puts your prick so deep in her throat that you feel like her saliva runs down onto your balls while Katy chokes and suffocates. This cure, however, does not seem to be good enough and you need things to get a little more serious. Thankfully, Katy is a specialist and knows exactly what you need, so she slips your swollen pecker right into her tight pussy to finally help you relieve it.

After a while, you manage to jizz inside her and fill her out with your hot load. You feel like your hard cock is slowly falling out of strength and is getting softer and softer – now your hot nurse has a sense of well-done job. If you can always count for such professional care, you will probably keep using these blue pills, not fearing the possible consequences and complications. After all nurse Katy is on the watch…

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