Kendra Spade Has a Broken Heart!

You can’t always be a nice guy – life does not work like that, does it? Sometimes, and especially when you see a 10/10 pussy that is willing to spread wide open for your cock, you simply can’t say “pass” and have to take the opportunity – and that is exactly what happened in the latest VR Bangers’ VR porn movie called the Broken Heart.

Your girlfriend – starred by a beautiful Asian VR porn star Kendra Spade – has just found out that you cheated on her and had sex with a young whore that you have met on a party. How could you do that? Well, that is pretty simple. The girl was beautiful, horny and promised you a blowjob out of this world, so who in his right mind would say “no” to that…?

Kendra is mad and is packing her bags, and moments before leaving your apartament forever she wants to clarify something before she leaves. Why did you do that? Was not she good enough in bed so you had to find another whore for yourself? Was there anything that she could do to avoid that? You might say that it is too late but for her it is not, and she really wants to change your mind and show you that she can be equally hot and slutty as the girl from the pub.

So now, on that unique occasion, this hot Asian VR porn whore is kneeling right in front of you to provide you with the hottest and filthiest head that she has ever done to you, not only doing that way better that she has ever done before, but even fucking your brains out to prove her point after that. Why is she doing it all? We do not know, but instead of thinking, perhaps you should just wear your VR headset and start enjoying this slutalike performance of her in our immersive 6K UHD virtual reality?

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