Kenzie Reeves and Milana May (aka Milana Ricci) Are Looking for a New Roommate!

Have you ever thought how would it be to have a female roommate? And what about a lesbian one? Does that sound more or less convenient to you? In the latest VR porn fantasy from Virtual Reality Bangers, two incredibly sexy girls – Kenzie Reeves and Milana May (aka Milana Ricci) – are about to live under one roof, and you, temporally, can become their 3rd roommate to spend all the most enjoyable moments together with them… in the VR Bangers’ premium VR porn style, naturally.

One of these girls, Milana, has always been a lesbian and she does not have any experiences with cocks whatsoever. The problem is that she has just met this super nice guy and would like to try her luck with him, but she has no idea how should he handle his dick and, since it is a rather touchy problem, she is not even sure who should she ask about that.

Fortunately for her (and all VR Bangers’ fans wearing VR headsets), Kenzie is here to help her out, and as she is a professional heterosexual VR porn star, she has dealt with a lot of different schlongs in the past and you can actually call her an expert in the matter of dick sucking. To help her roomie out, Kenzie brought a doll that she sometimes call her boyfriend in jokes, and is about to show Mrs. May how to deal with it properly and revealing her deepest hidden secrets of proper working with a stiff rod.

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