Kenzie Taylor assures her modeling career

Since you are a professional photographer, you often meet quite a lot of incredible girls with outstanding bodies. This time, your model is going to be Kenzie Taylor, an incredible blonde hottie with big boobs and some exotic tattoos on the back.

When she arrives at the shooting scene, she will introduce herself before taking off the robe since the hallway she was waiting in was kind of cold. As she takes it off, she will be only wearing some sort of a swimsuit that looks stunning on her.

She asks you if this is just a regular shooting without any nudity and stripping, but little did she know that after posing under the hot spotlights for a couple of minutes will make her feel incredibly hot.

Due to the fact that she really wants to become one of the top models, she looked at you and asked “Is it ok if I take this off? I am really hot.” while touching her swimsuit.

While taking off the top part of her swimsuit, she will stare into your eyes while smiling as her big tits are being revealed, it actually looks like she has been planning this all along.

The next thing Kenzie will do is to grab a nearby chair so she can place it in front of you while she continues with her performance that has definitely kept you interested into what she is going to do so far.

She turned her back towards you, and she lifted one of her ass cheeks. While looking at you, she says “Look at my juice ass”  as she continues taking off her swimsuit.

Once she takes the swimsuit off, Kenzie is going to be wearing a hot pair of black high heels. While still having her back turned towards you, she will bend over, and lick her finger before sliding it across her pussy lips while saying “Mind if I play with my pussy for you?

Naturally, since you really like what you see, you will not say anything. Instead, you will just continue watching her fingering herself while having her ass turned towards you.

From time to time, Kenzie will spank herself a couple of times before finally laying down in the chair she placed in front of you earlier. When she sits in it, she will spread her legs nice and wide while placing her heels on your thighs.

You love when I’m playing with my pussy don’t you? Do you want me to spread it nicely?” she asks while she slowly stretches her love tunnel using both of her hands.

In order to definitely get picked as the top model that will get her pictures posted on the covers of the most popular magazine, once she got incredibly wet, she got off the chair and sat on your leg.

Here Kenzie will proceed to grind you while still rubbing herself passionately. The closer this beauty is about to cum, the more she will moan in pleasure. Eventually, she will have an extraordinary orgasm while sitting on your knee.

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