Kira Noir and Megan Rain have an amazing session on the kitchen counter

Kira Noir and Megan rain are in the kitchen during a sunny summer day, and since it’s such a nice weather outside, Kira asks Megan if she wants to go to the beach. At that point, Megan informed Kira that her girlfriend is going to come over in about an hour, so she, unfortunately, can not join her.

However, she noticed that Kira is a bit overdressed for the beach, so she asked why is she prepared like she is going on a date.

Kira then says “Well, to be completely honest, I was a bit jealous of you girlfriend so I put this cute outfit on”. “Oh my god, you were jealous? Why?” asks Megan with a confused look on her face.

Before Kira answers anything, she hops on the kitchen counter and starts crawling towards Megan, and at that point she tells her “Well, I always had a crush on you, and since you don’t seem to be excited about your girlfriend coming over, are you sure you don’t want to come to the beach?” while getting very close towards her face.

Megan stands frozen as her lips slowly open as if she was expecting something from Kira after she said those words. Kira then goes in for a kiss, but Megan backs off and interrupts her by telling her that she can not cancel on her girlfriend since she already promised to hang out with her.

Luckily Kira is a very persuasive ebony babe, so she convinced Megan to have a little one on one session before her girlfriend arrives. These two girls then start to make out passionately, and Megan was the first one to take off her shirt.

As soon as her shirt went off, Kira started to bite and lick her nipples, making her exceptionally horny. “Well, I have to admit, there was always one thing I couldn’t stop staring at,” says Megan before she turns Kira around and pulls down her panties before she spanks her black booty.

“You have such a nice ass,” says Megan as she starts caressing her ass and goes in to lick her pussy in the doggy position. When Megan was done eating Kira in the doggy position, she climbed on the counter as well.

Kira then pulled down her panties and then she started to finger her. As she was slowly inserting her fingers into her pussy, Megan yell “Stick those fingers as deep as you can!”
When Kira was done fingering Megan in the doggy position, it was her turn to receive some pleasure again. She took off her shirt, and now that both of them were completely naked, Megan started to eat and finger Kira in the missionary position as her legs were spread as wide as possible.

“I was jealous of your girlfriend for so long” Kira moans loudly while she pushes Megan’s head into her pussy. Megan at that point increased the phase of fingering and licking her good spot, making Kira have an amazing orgasm.

After that, since there was not enough time for them to do all the positions they wanted to do. These two babes started to scissor each other at rapid speed. While they were scissoring, both of these hotties were moaning loudly, and they managed to have an orgasm at the same time.

Since it would be unfair for Megan to cum only once, Kira decided to finger and eat Megan one more time before they dress up and go their own ways until their next amazing session.

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