Kirschley Swoon Sends You a Rather Interesting Yoga Video

Since you decided to live a little bit healthier than in the previous years of your life, you started taking yoga classes. You went only once a week, but it’s still something since, before this, you have been doing absolutely no physical activities except the bathroom breaks.

One week, you could not make it to the class, so you asked your tutor if she could send you a video instead. Kirschley Swoon decided to help you out since you became one of her regular students, and she sent you a video of the class you missed out on.

The class started out like it always does, Kirschley was wearing black lingerie panties and a thin sweat on top. She started off with the classic position where here feet are touching one another while she has her palms together in the air. The next positions were the stretching positions, which were the standard ones for all of your courses you attended so far.

However, what happened next was a big surprise to you because Kirschley started to fondle her boobs over the sweat while also rubbing her pussy over her panties.

Eventually, she decided to take off the sweater, and she moved her panties to the side. She licked the fingers on her right hand, and then she started to rub her love button while also fingering her vagina.

You could really tell that she is enjoying herself due to the regular moans she was letting out. Later on, she also took off her panties. While Kirschley was completely naked, she continued to rub her delicious love tunnel, until she stopped in order to take an inflatable dildo.

Once the dildo was in her hands, she inflated it completely, and after licking it a couple of times, she started to use it on her delicious love tunnel. She decided to test it out in front of the camera while recording the video for you.

After taking some air out and pumping some more in a couple of times, Kirschley finally found the perfect size of the sex toy for her snatch. That is when she took out the toy so she can lube it up.

As soon as her toy was completely drenched with the lubricant she put on it, she inserts it into her vagina again. While plunging herself, she also discovered that the toy comes with the option to make it vibrate, and she did not hesitate to try it out.

The moment the toy started to vibrate, she immediately changed the position into doggy where she could penetrate herself the deepest. During the vibration time, she got even hornier, so she decided to increase the size of the toy even more.

Kirschley drilled herself all the way until she had an epic orgasm. Upon achieving that epic orgasm, she took out the toy that was drenched in lube and her cum so she can wipe it off on her big tits and lick the rest off.

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