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If you’ve ever had to introduce your new girlfriend to your mother, you should sympathize with this brand new VR porn fantasy of VR Bangers even more than it was originally expected by us. In this exclusive VR porn movie, same situation will happen to you in the middle of our virtual reality, yet this time, as expected from your favorite VR porn makers, VR Bangers, things are gonna take a slightly different path, thus possibly surprising you with an extraordinary outcome of the whole situation.

Krissy Lynn, our beautiful VR porn MILF will become your hot step-mom for the needs of this virtual reality porn fantasy, being at the same time the one with whom you’ll have to go through this uneasy conversation. She’s a demanding person and even though she’s still a rather new addition to your family, she already cares for you very much and wants everything that’s best for you – including possibly the best pussy for you to cum inside.

Even though your new girlfriend is cute and good-looking young lady, after a few minutes of talking with your step-mother, it’ll become obvious that she’s rather a sex newbie, and most likely won’t be able to satisfy you as a man – at least that’s how your mother-in-law, Krissy, thinks. Even though she doesn’t seem to be too happy with your choice, suddenly she does something quite unexpected, asking your GF to go to shop and buy something to drink for you to celebrate this wonderful meeting and the whole evening.

Even though you don’t understand her intentions at the very beginning, after a minute or two they’ll become crystal clear – your hot VR porn mom just wanted to be left 1-on-1 with you, to talk with you in a privacy. Now you know for sure that she won’t accept the newest choice of yours, since, as simple as that, she’s more than sure she won’t be able to fuck her “little boy” good enough, leaving you horny and unsatisfied as a result.

And what she could possibly do with that? Not much, in the real life, to be honest, but since we’re in the amazing and lifelike virtual reality instead, and Krissy is not your real relative but a premium VR porn star from VR Bangers’ family, she’s gonna fuck your brains out to show you what are you possibly missing. Maybe this way you’ll understand that you need an experienced and self-aware girl, who’ll be able to deep throat your hard dick and choke on it, instead of being confused with all of that and leaving you unhappy.

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