Laundry Day with Incredible Abigail Mac!

Doing household duties is such a bore, isn’t it? I mean, is there anybody who likes doing laundry, cleaning, washing, etc. – especially in times when machines and other people could be hired to do them for you! Going to the washhouse is the minimum that you could do to get yourself some relief, yet it’s still really boring every single time… Well, okay, maybe not in VR Bangers’ VR porn videos! With us, everything can get much more interesting and amusing, since in our world there are some super-hot VR porn sluts waiting for you literally behind every corner – including the nearby laundries.

In the beginning of this VR porn fantasy, everything will go quite normally and you would never tell that there’s something about to happen. You enter the laundry, go through your dirty clothes, put them in the washing machine and… well… keep waiting… Such fun, right?! There’s nothing going on in your smartphone, all your friends are busy and all what’s left to do is keep watching the other people doing exactly the same thing as you do. But wait a minute, hey… who is that girl? She looks like a true VR porn goddess, doesn’t she?

After just few minutes of browsing the washhouse with your eyes, you notice the girl of your dreams putting some clothes to the nearby washer. She’s hot, super shapely and… wait what? She’s actually washing some super hot lingerie set – damn you wish you’ve seen her wearing these panties and bras on her super-smooth body! She looks like you’ve seen her somewhere – could it be that she’s starring in one of your favorite virtual reality porn videos? Nah, probably not… Anyway, you must’ve been watching her for too long, as a moment later the girl approaches to you and starts chatting with you. Could it be that she liked you as much as you liked her? Well…

In the matter of minutes, the whole place seems to be empty, as there is only you and her left – waiting and chatting with each other. She’s noticed that you’ve seen your lusting eyes looking at her super-hot lingerie and… she actually asked you if you’d like to see her wearing it. How lucky are you, dude? Sure, this is an exclusive VR porn fantasy so things had to go this way, but with such high immersion and 4K quality, you’ve almost forgot about it and felt like it was a real life. After all now you can watch some sexual striptease from (yes, you were right) a beautiful VR porn starlet Abigail Mac, and fuck her with your dick like you’ve never fucked anyone before! This had to be else you sleepwalking, else one of the best VR Bangers’ VR porn videos, since, let’s be fair, being that lucky couldn’t be possible in the real life!

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