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Would it be bad to fantasize about your step-mom if she was a super-hot MILF that pretty much everyone would like to fuck? I mean, who if not you could possibly get to her panties – especially if your dad is always busy and can’t pay the appropriate attention to her? In the brand new VR Bangers’ VR porn fantasy, you’ll get to bang your super-hot stepmom (played by Cherie Deville – an incredibly sexy middle-aged lady who’s just perfect for such a role), since her super tight pussy couldn’t stand a minute longer and she had to finally do something to satisfy her needs. But starting from the beginning…

It was supposed to be yet another day by the pool next to your step-mom: just you, her, hot sun and cold, refreshing water. If you were really living with a girl like Cherie, there would literally be nothing weird about this lovely afternoon, yet since this is a VR porn video from your favorite premium VR porn producers… yeah, there’s definitely something hanging in the air.

Lay down and put your VR headset on, just like the character within this VR porn movie is chilling out on his lounger, and just keep observing what is that hot MILF right in front of you doing. She’ll be out there, in her full glory, letting her beautiful body sunbathe and relax by the delightful pool, from time to time doing some exercises and stretching her legs and arms. This one of a kind view would wake the dead from his eternal rest, so there’s no wonder that it gave you a big ass erection… the one that has just been noticed by your sexy step-mom – whoops!

If you were expecting that seeing that your mother in law would get angry at you, you probably already forgot that this is a VR porn fantasy. Your father is never at home, she has her “needs”, and since there’s a huge cock within her range right here and now… why wouldn’t she use it? She’s an experienced lady (and a professional VR porn star, don’t forget about that), so she knows perfectly well how to treat a guy like you. Wear your VR headset and let her do the job, and don’t make her wait for you for too long – she’s one of the hottest ladies on the entire planet, so she could easily get a guy to fuck whenever she wants, so the fact that she picked you should be appreciated as soon as possible! Sure, this might be a VR Bangers doing… but you know that you can always count on us! 😉

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