Lily Adams gets fucked instead of learning the piano

date_range August 20, 2017
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Lily Adams gets fucked instead of learning the piano

You are a piano teacher, and you have a new student, Lily Adams. Before you start teaching her anything, you told her to introduce herself.

"I got to be very honest with you, my mom has been trying to teach me how to play the piano since I was five, but that is just not happening," says Lily while pressing random keys on the piano.

"You see, I have a problem with all of my teachers, I keep fucking them all, so how about we make this lesson a little more fun?" she says as she climbs on the piano and spreads her legs.

You can see that she is not wearing any panties, and as you stare, you see her starting to masturbate right in front of you. "So, do you want to make this more interesting? I see you are not complaining, so it must be so" she says as she gets down on the key section of the piano and puts her legs around you.

Lily will then lift up her shirt so you can have a nice look at her big tits while she is fingering her pussy. While she masturbates, you can hear how her pussy is become more and moister due to the sound it is making as she rapidly penetrates herself with her fingers.

"Do you want to give it a try?" she asks as she climbs down and turns her ass towards you. Since she is such a hot babe, you decided to stick two of her fingers into her pussy. As you did that, you were surprised how warm and wet her pussy is, and since it was that nice already, you decided to finger her without mercy.

"Ok, that was fun, now let us take the next step in this lesson," says Lilly before she gets down on her knees and unzips your pants. "Oh, that's a big cock. Well, this will be fun" she says as she started to suck on your shaft.

Once Lilly sucked you off long enough to make your cock completely drenched in her saliva, she will tell you to lay down and take off your clothes. As soon as you did that, Lilly will get right on top of you and start riding you in the cowgirl position.

You can hear her moaning loudly, and you can feel her pussy stretching as if she never had a cock so big inside of her. "Oh my god, yes, fuck me!" she yells while bouncing up and down on your cock.

At one point, she was very close to an orgasm, so she asked you to finger her until she cums, and once she had an amazing orgasm, she turned around and rode you in the reverse cowgirl position. "You like seeing my cute little ass?” she says as your cock goes deep inside of her, making her moan louder than before.

When Lilly got a little tired, she decided to get down on her knees and relax while giving you a blowjob. She sucked you off for a little while, and once she regained her stamina she says "Ok, I see I mastered the blowjob lesson, so let us move on, it is your turn to teach me something else now".

Lilly will then bend over into the doggy position, and you will drill her with all your speed and might. This hot brunette babe will moan loudly, and as you make her have another orgasm by penetrating her tight warm pussy with your schlong, you got to the point where you were about to cum as well, so you pulled out and finished all over her back.

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