Lucia Denvile is a Naughty Poker Player

Usually you are a very busy man, the office is constantly up and running, however, this weekend it seems that there is nobody around. Then again, it is also the holiday season.

You still decided to do your hours, and your beautiful secretary Lucia Denvile also joined you because you are her boss of course. Since there was no work, you asked her to play some poker, but not just any poker.

After you played a couple of rounds, you came to the point where she wanted to make a bet with you. Since she could not follow your all in, her wager was her sexy body.

Upon revealing your cards, you were declared the winner. She realized that the bet is a bet, and as she was about to start taking her clothes off, you decided to give her a little present that you prepared for her a bit earlier.

It was a nice black buttplug, which she was delighted with when she found it in the nice little blue bag that you gave her. Then, she sat down on the little table in front of you before revealing her big natural tits by taking off her shirt.

She really enjoyed the idea you had on your mind, so she told you to get naked with her. You did as she asked while watching her strip along with you.

“Lay down over here she tells you. You once again follow her instructions, and as you lay down, she tosses you the bag you gave her the buttplug in.

However, the bag was empty. As you look at her, she gives you a naughty look before turning around. When she turned around, she spread her ass cheeks, and between them, you could see the buttplug you gave her deep inside her anal canal.

After that, Lucia kneeled down on the ground between your legs. She then took your completely erect cock, and she started sucking on it like a real pro.

When Lucia felt that your cock is nicely wet from her saliva, she got into the 69 position, but instead of asking you to lick her pussy, she wanted you to finger it, in order to make her as wet as your cock that was covered in her spit.

As soon as the preparations were done, Lucia got on top of you. In the beginning of her riding session, she decided to take it slow, until her tight pussy got used to your hard cock.

Once it did, she picked up the tempo as she started going up and down on your cock rather fast. You could see her big natural tits bouncing everywhere as your donger plunged her love tunnel.

After that, Lucia did something unexpected. She took out the butplug and she asked you to penetrate her tight asshole. When you started fucking her asshole in the cowgirl position, it felt absolutely amazing, for both you and her. Especially for her as you could hear her scream in pleasure.

You thrust very hard and fast all the way until you came deep inside her asshole. However, that was not the end, because she got down on her knees and she licked off everything.

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