Lucy Li and Lady Dee have some fun with each other’s bodies

Lucy Li did not see her best friend Lady Dee for years, and now that she is finally in town, she decided to invite her over so they can talk about the good old days. As Dee arrived at her place, Lucy decided to bring out some wine she bought at the supermarket that day.

Dee found the wine quite nice, however, while she was enjoying her glass of wine, Lucy decided to grab a pillow and start a fight with Dee, just like they used to do it in college. When Dee managed to leave her glass of fine to the side, she also grabbed a pillow and thus a pillow fight between these two hotties began.

They hit each other everywhere, and at one point, they decided to hit each other’s asses. After a while, both of the girls got tired of all the pillow fighting, and as they looked into each other’s eyes, a sudden spark appeared between them.

That is the moment where Dee and Lucy decided to kiss, and as their lips were touching longer and longer, the girls decided to take it to a whole other level. Dee slowly started to undress Lucy, and as she took off her white dress, she got a nice view of her titties that were covered by a pink bra.

Dee then also took off Lucy’s bra, and as her titties were now completely out in the open, Dee began to squeeze and lick them passionately. “Mmm you have very big boobs,” she says before she put her mouth on one of the tits and licked it completely with her tongue.

Now that Dee had her fun, Lucy decided to do the same to her, as she lifted up her shirt Dee says “I have small boobs“, and since Lucy didn’t have much to play with, Dee decided to make out with her a little bit more before they continued to strip off their clothes.

Because they really enjoyed teasing each other, it took them quite a while to get completely naked. But once they did, these girls could not hold each other back from pleasuring one another.

Lucy was the first one to receive some pleasure, and as she laid down on her back while spreading her legs, Dee provided her with some amazing pleasure by fingering her pussy until it got nice and wet.

After that, she decided to take things to another level by taking Lucy’s dildo, and as she began to plunge her, it did not take too long for her to have an orgasm.

Later on, Lucy decided to return the favor, and as Dee bent over into the doggy position, Lucy lubed up her fingers with her sit, and then she began to massage Dee’s love button from multiple angles with both hands.

When Dee was half the way to reaching her climax, Lucy took the same sex toy she got penetrated with earlier, and she used it on Dee’s wet pussy. Just like Lucy, Dee could not resist the pleasure of the toy for too long, and as she gave into it, she had an epic orgasm.

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