Lucy Shine gives you a video call that you will never forget

While your girlfriend Lucy Shine was on a vacation with her family, she managed to get some free time to give you a video call because the sun was too strong outside. Since her parents were in a different room, she could do whatever she wants, and because she knew that you did not see her for a long time, she said “Hey” before giving you an amazing solo performance.

Her performance began with a little bit of teasing while she was still wearing a white shirt with flowers and shorts. The first thing this blonde cutie did was bend over so you can get a nice view of her cleavage, and right after that, she bent over so you can see her ass.

Once she made sure that you got the point of this video call, she pulled a chair towards her and took a seat. Lucy then began to tease you a little bit more by squeezing her big natural tits while also licking her finger.

She continued with this routine for quite a while, and then she finally lifted up her shirt, making her reveal her nice big milk cans.

While she was playing with her boobies, she started to get a little bit horny, so she stood up and jiggled her titties a little bit more. When she decided that she played enough with her boobies, she turned around, revealing her beautiful back right before she decided to slide down her shorts.

As she slid down her shorts, she revealed that she is not wearing any panties too. Once you got a great view of her juicy buns, she will sit on the window and spread her legs nice and wide so you can see her wet pussy.

While in this amazing position, Lucy will begin to pleasure herself by rubbing her clit until her pussy is completely oozing with juices. Once she rubs her clit long enough, she will begin to finger herself for a little while before sitting on the chair once again.

Later on, she will turn around and get into the doggy position. However, that will not be the only thing she does, because she will also show you that she had a sex toy with her all along.

After lubing up the sex toy with her saliva, she will stick it into her pussy while still in the doggy position, and as she inserts it as deep as possible, Lucy will begin to moan.

Since that position is not really the best for her to achieve climax, she will step up from the chair and sit on the window again so she can get the perfect angle for the toy.

Lucy will then begin to drill herself as fast as possible and she will moan louder than before. It didn’t take too long for her to have a sensational orgasm, and once she was done, she took the toy out of her vagina and wiped all the juices over her beautiful tits.

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