Luna Corazon really knows how to work for the A grade

While you are relaxing at home during the weekend, you suddenly hear someone bursting into your apartment. Before you even got a chance to react, you see you student Luna Corazon walking up to you.

I am sorry, professor, I did not deliver my essay on time, could you please extend the time for it?” she asks you nervously. You gave her quite an unsatisfied look, and before you tell your response, Luna gets closer to you and grabs your knees with her hands.

If I fail this class, what am I going to tell my friends and family? There must be a way to work things out” she tells you while looking you straight in the eyes. “I am willing to do anything. Anything! Maybe we can work it out like this.” she says while slowly caressing your crotch with one hand.

I see you like this idea, let’s see what you have here professor,” says Luna as she goes down on your knees and starts unzipping your pants. As she discovers the size of your cock she tells you “Oh, you have quite a big cock my naughty professor, I like that“.

Luna then wraps her lips around your semi erect cock, and she starts sucking you off while down on her knees. As you feel her tongue swirl around the tip of your penis, your dick gets bigger and harder.

Once your cock got completely erect, Luna will stroke you off for a bit while sucking on your ballsack instead, however, later on, she will get back to your pole so she can try and deepthroat it like a college slut that she is.

After some time, Luna suggests that you can give her a grade without her giving you the essay, and as she mentioned that, she will start to strip off her clothes. Once she lifted up her shirt, you will get a nice view of her juicy black ass, and at that point, she will ask you “If you get some of this, it would definitely deserve an A, right?

As she strips down some of her clothes, Luna will lean towards you and start kissing you while stroking off your pecker with her hand. Then, she will take off her panties, and once she does, she will bring her ass towards you, so you can finger her nice pink pussy.

When you make her pussy wet, Luna will get on top of you, and she will ride you in the cowgirl position. Because she hasn’t been fucked by a cock as big as yours, she will moan quite a lot.

Once Luna runs out of stamina, she will let you take over control as she gets on the couch and positions herself into the doggy position. You will give her quite a pounding, and when you decide to give her your best, you will turn her into the missionary instead.

You will fuck her fast and hard, making her moan even louder every time your dick goes all the way inside of her. However, since you will not cum by the time you run out of stamina as well, she will ride you in the cowgirl once again.

When you finally get to the point where you are about to cum, Luna will get off you and start sucking you off until you reward her effort with some of your hot juices.

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