Manual for Achieving Nipple Orgasms

It is not a myth: you CAN have an orgasm stimulating the nipples. And scientific analysis supports it. In fact, the University of Rutgers (USA) published a study in the ‘Journal of Sexual Medicine’ (2011) that showed that the brain areas that responded to the stimuli of the clitoris and penis were the same areas that responded when stimulating the nipples. In 1988 a study had found that 30% of the people had experienced at some time in their life an orgasm with an exclusive stimulation of their nipples. Of course, it will be more difficult to achieve it if you become obsessed with it, or if you see it as something that should have happened already. The key is to relax, enjoy these erotic caresses and let yourself go. A great way to stimulate nipples is through the new revolutionary toy created by SVAKOM. This is the first toy on the market focused on nipple stimulation with an integrated vibrator. This elegant  high-end new toy, Nymph, has three soft fingers that move in a way your nipples have never felt before.


Here is what you do:

1. Each body is unique!

You must remember that each person’s nipples posses a different sensitivity. There are some who will have a better time with energetic caresses and for others it may feel like a torture. Therefore, it is essential to pay attention to your partner’s reactions. There are no exact formulas here, the best compass is observation and intuition. SVAKOM took this into account and designed NYMPH to have five different intensities of vibrations and rotations. It is recommended to start with the lower levels and work your way up.

2. Beyond the nipple.

When we talk about breasts and pectorals, in many cases we just focus on the nipple, but there is a lot more to it. Therefore, the first caresses should be all over the chest, using the opposite side of Nymph fingers, in a circular clockwise movement. It provokes a pleasurable tickling sensation,  as you narrow the circle and concentrate on the areola, which is usually a neglected part of this type of foreplay.

3. A little bit of pressure.

When the reaction has been favorable, it is highly probable that the degree of arousal is high, and you can move on to reaching the orgasm. This consists of gently squeezing the chest, always from the bottom up and from the side to the center. The pressure will depend on the sensitivity of each person and the excitement he/she has at that moment.

4. The Tongue!

Now that the area is sensitive after the massage, the tongue can be involved. SVAKOM recommends to put the wand massager part under your chin, so the vibration will pass to the tongue and will be felt in the nipple. As always, it is about watching the reactions to decide if you should step on the accelerator or the brake:)

There are people who, because of their special sensitivity, already know their potential, but most can enjoy a very erogenous caress and, who knows, maybe an orgasm if you follow these techniques.

Are you ready to explore your limits?

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