Mashiro Airi and Suzumiya Kotone will be your cute geisha dolls!

Do we have any manga and anime fans here? This Japanese art of drawing, illustration and animation connects people from all over the world and has made Japanese culture popular throughout the globe. Even if it is completely unfamiliar to you, we will assume that you know at least one person who would do anything to go to Japan, and his (or her) fascination was born while watching these cartoons and comics. We also like to read a magazine from time to time, but these that we read have slightly different theme from those mentioned earlier (if you know what we mean); nevertheless, we too are great fans and debtors of Asian culture, but not because of their art or tradition – we simply love Japanese VR Porn!

We established our cooperation with oriental Virtual Reality Porn stars relatively recently, but it is a very fruitful collaboration and, as you have probably noticed, more and more Japanese films and sexy Asian sluts hit our website with every next day. We know that you are partial for such actresses, so going forward to your needs, we record more and more such productions, so you can expect increasing number of lolita sluts and kawaii VR Porn scenes over the next few weeks.

In this VR Porn fantasy, two sexy geisha dolls Mashiro Airi and Suzumiya Kotone will do everything to make you, their master, satisfied. They are both wearing some cute outfits as they are paired in black and white sets to just like ying and yang energies please your darkest deeply hidden desires or simply make you smile and enjoy your day.

Even though such costumes look very charming, you can’t wait to get them both undressed to discover what they are hiding underneath. Accidentally you have already noticed that Airi is wearing some pink and dark lace lingerie and you look forward to see her body in just these panties and bra; not to mention that you still want to know what the other girl has beneath her dress.

As it befits to such a slutty dolls, you can expect them to do everything you want – all you’ve gotta do is to wear your VR headset on and speak up with your command. You want your dick to be double sucked? No problem, just take it out and wait. You wanna fuck one of them? Or maybe both? Just tell them to sit on your cock and it will be done. In this VR Porn fantasy impossible is nothing and none of the girls will rest until you and your donger are fully satisfied and until they will hear your command to go away.

Don’t worry if you are about to cum already, because the ladies just could not wait for it any longer. They will cum swap your load and play with it while kissing each other, to make you feel even more horny, so maybe you will get hard again and fuck your obedient sluts one more time.

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