Massage With An Oral Surprise

You have been working really hard, and you really needed a break from it all, so you made yourself get a massage in the local spa.

Your masseur was a cute brunette guy, who had a quite attractive facial hair. As you were lying on the massage table, you were completely naked, and you were laying on your back.

This cute masseur grabbed the oil while smiling and looking you in the eyes. When he opened the bottle, he started pouring the oil over your chest, and you could feel the cold oil sliding to the side.

He noticed that the cold was making you feel uncomfortable, so he took his warm hands and began massaging your chest and your small tits.

After your tits were nicely oiled up, it was time to go to the lower parts of your body. The masseur removed the towel and opened up the bottle of oil again.

While looking at you, he smiled, knowing that the cold oil will hit your warm skin again. However, this time, as soon as it hit your leg, he was there to warm you up with his hand.

Once he finished massaging your legs, he got do your stomach. While rubbing the oil into your belly, you could see him staring at your nicely shaved pussy.

He smoothly went through it a couple of times, just to see if you will mind. Seeing that you didn’t, he decided to give your pussy a little kiss.

After that, he went back to your titties, so he can massage them some more. He then put his mouth onto one of your nipples, so he can give it a nice lick with her warm tongue.

He circled his tongue around your perky nipple a couple of times, which made you get really wet. Of course, he noticed that, so he decided to go down on you after that.

When he started to lick your pussy, you could feel his little bear tingle your clit, while his tongue was penetrating your tunnel, collecting your pussy juice. Once his tongue was nice and slippery, he used it to lick your clit for a while.

His oral pleasing skills are quite amazing, however, his stamina ran out rather quickly. But fear not, as he will soon take a Hitachi toy, so he can finish you off nicely.

As he turned on the toy, you could hear it vibrating, which made you extremely excited as it was approaching your really wet pussy. Once the toy made contact with your love tunnel, it felt incredible.

He continued to pleasure you with the sex toy, all the way until he regained his stamina. When he did, he got down to your pussy one more time, making you cum from his incredible oral skills.

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