Megan Rain knows how to treat you on your day off

You finally managed to get some time off work, and you find yourself just relaxing in your living room. At one point, you see your girlfriend Megan Rain walking towards you in an amazing outfit that involved a white robe and some white lingerie. “Hey, babe! Guess what I just made? That’s right, it’s popcorn!” she says before moving closer towards you.

As she gets to you, she will sit in your lap while saying “You have been working so hard, and now that you finally have a day off, I thought that we can watch a movie or hang out“. Megan will then move in for a kiss while playing around with your shirt, and while doing so, she will notice that you are looking at her bra.

I got this new outfit for you, do you like it? I got it because I was just thinking what I could do today, to help you relax“, she says while moving her hand down towards your crotch. “You know how much I love being your dirty girl,” says Megan as she slowly slides down to her knees.

After rubbing your cock over your shorts for a little bit, she will pull the shorts down impatiently and as your cock comes out in the open, Megan will start sucking on it immediately. Her cock sucking skills are quite amazing, and after she deepthroats your cock for a couple of minutes, she will ask you if you want her to remove her bra.

As Megan reveals her nice small titties, she will climb on the chair and turn her ass towards you. While her juicy ass is right in your face, she will continue to suck on your hard pecker. You will at one point move her panties to the side so you can finger her pussy.

Yeah play with that pussy baby. That feels so good, oh yeah” she says while gobbling on your big schlong. After you fingered her for a couple of moments, you noticed that she got incredibly wet.

At that point, Megan will get off you and she will ask you if you want to stick your big shaft deep inside of her wet pussy. By grabbing your dick with her hand, she will insert it into her cunt so she can start impaling herself in the reverse cowgirl position.

Oh, your hard cock feels so great inside of me. Yes, Baby!” she moans while you are giving her a hard pounding and spanking her ass. Eventually, she will increase the phase herself, however, shortly after that she will like to mix things up and ride you in the regular cowgirl for a while.

Even if your cock felt just as good, she decided to ride you in the reverse cowgirl one more time, and once she noticed that your hard pecker is pulsating like it is about to cum, Megan stopped riding you and she got down on her knees.

Do you want to cum for me baby?” she asks while stroking you off at rapid speed. “Just like that? You want to cum all over my face?” she whispers to you while stroking you off even faster. Then you will spray your load all over her mouth, and even after she collects your semen, she will keep licking your dick for a little bit more.

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