Merry Christmas from VR Bangers! Double Membership for the Price of One Promo!

As every year, Christmas is right around the corner, coming up with gifts, a festive atmosphere and the opportunity to spend some time with the family members. Each year on this holiday we are all able to put aside our differences and unite with our loved ones, to sit together at the Christmas table, share the wafer and give the presents to each other.

In connection with the upcoming Christmas, VR Bangers have also decided to gift something to our loyal members to wake up the Christmas spirit in this unique time of the year. Since we are producing high quality VR Porn movies every day, our present is also (obviously) connected with them and thus should please all the fans of this type of content in 4K Ultra High Definition.

What have VR Bangers prepared this year?

All our viewers will be able to enjoy a double extended subscription time when buying membership on our site. This means that as part of a festive atmosphere, each of you will be able to stay with us twice as long to make up for the time spent with your families during Christmas – a time of resting from our Virtual Reality Porn movies of the highest quality. Furthermore, most prices will be reduced, which will further increase the benefits of this promotion and allow you to save even more cash.

The differences in prices are as follows:

• When selecting “1 Day Trial (Mobile Streaming + 1 Download)” subscription time will remain a one day only, but the price will fall from $2.95 to $0.99, which should encourage all the uncertain of you who are still thinking about joining the exclusive VR Bangers’ members group.

• The option “1 Month (Full access + Full VR Game)” will last not for 1 but for 2 months, and its price will fall from $24.95 to $19.80. This means that when you buy this package, the price for one day of membership at will drop from $0.83 to $0.33.

• The “3 Months (Full access + Full VR Game)” option is also doubled, now offering a period of 6 instead of 3 months, at a price reduced from $49.95 to $48.60. Together, this gives a reduction in the daily price from $0.55 to $0.27.

• Of course, the price of package “1 Year (Full access + Full VR Game)”, which will allow you to stay with us for a total of two years, will also drop by a few dollars from $99.95 to $94.80, offering the lowest of all 1-day rate of $0.13 instead of $0.27.

When will this promotion apply?

For us, holidays could last a whole year, which is why we have decided to extend this promotion a little longer, so it will last from December 22nd to December 26th, 2017. Thanks to this, each of you will be able to use it right before Christmas or during the holidays, to enjoy these benefits for a whole year (or even two).

At the end of the year we will also have something for you, but you need to be patient, as only the time will show what it could be… Merry Christmas and do not forget to look at every day, not to miss any of our incoming deals!