Merry Christmas with Jade Kush, Harley Dean and Alexis Fawx!

Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas folks! Just like last year, VR Bangers have prepared something special and unique for your to celebrate these VR Porn holidays together with us! We have recorded this exclusive sex movie in virtual reality in 4K ultra high definition, naturally as always in 360 degrees, being in a festive mood and while thinking of all of you, your wishes and what would you like to get for Christmas this year. Since we are sure that some sluts in a hot threesome (or foursome, actually) action is the best that we could present to you, we have taped such scene for you in which the “ho” word fits to its completely different meaning.

Today we have got you covered with three different “hoes”, including your sexy wife, a hot blonde MILF Alexis Fawx; as well as two fuckable friends of your wifey: Ebony and all tattooed Harley Dean, with beautiful black curly hair, and a sexy Asian whore Jade Kush as a cherry on this VR Porn cake. All these vixens will be all yours these holidays, since the festive mood made them all more into giving than receiving, and they are about to GIVE you the best night of your life, their pussies and some memorable moments in virtual reality porn.

Alexis had been all crazy about Christmas as she was preparing everything for her two best friends to come – the house is now all clean and tidy and you two are ready for the guests, yet there is some strange atmosphere in the air and you are not sure what should you expect from this day. Your wife seem to be very horny from the very beginning of the day, but it is rather strange, since the visitors are coming and you probably will not have enough time to fuck today. What you did not know is that your spouse will not find them disturbing, but even encouraging, to present you a threesome… wait, foursome of your life!

When the girls are already in here, you know that there is something to come, since they are all giggling and smiling in a weird way and your wifey is giving you these weird looks all the time. When the girls start to play with each other, everything becomes clear and you already know what is about to happen now – Merry Christmas from VR Bangers, dude! This is going to be one of our longest Virtual Reality Porn movies, which means even more fun for all of you folks, and this is only its’ first part! Keep peeking at our website every day to be up to date with our quality contents, and you should soon notice the second, New Year’s part of this film, which is going to be even more spectacular with some real action going on!

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