Mia Malkova and Riley Reid Save Your Wedding by Letting You Fuck Them

It is your wedding day, and you are feeling extremely nervous. While laying on the bed in one of the rooms, your wife will send the bridesmaids to check up on you since nobody has heard anything from you in a couple of hours already.

When the two bridesmaids, Mia Malkova and Riley Reid enter your room, they are going to make fun of you for a while. “Are you scared? Are you afraid that you are not going to get any more pussy?” says Mia.

You didn’t seem to care about them making fun of you, however, these girls were absolutely right. Moments later, these two hot girls will start making out with each other, like they are trying to make fun of you even more.

Eventually, Riley will lift up Mia’s skirt while saying “You are not married yet, I see you are checking out her ass“. “I think you are getting a bit of a hardon,” says Mia before she passionately makes out with Riley for a bit more.

While you watch these girls fooling around, you developed a raging boner that was easily noticeable as a bin your pants. “I always wanted to fuck you, you know,” says Mia, “Yeah, actually so did I,” says Riley while touching Mia’s tits.

The next thing that happens is that Mia and Riley get on the same bed with you, however, these girls will only make out and pleasure each other by fingering one another’s pussy.

When they notice that you want to join in the action as well, Mia will take off your pants and start sucking on your raging boner. Riley will join her in a moment, and then these two babes will continue sucking until your cock is nicely covered with their spit.

As soon as it is as wet as their love tunnels, Mia will start riding you in the cowgirl position. She will moan out loud while your cock penetrated her nice and hard, but it will not last for long since Riley will want a turn as well, and she is going to ride you in the reverse cowgirl position where she will also make out with Mia in front of her.

You had it long enough,” Mia tells her before getting into position to hop on your big boner one more time. This time Mia will also ride you in the reverse cowgirl, and during the time she does it, both you and Riley will end up spanking her juicy ass.

Riley will also stand above Mia so she can receive some amazing oral action, and once Mia is done riding you, both of these girls will start stroking your big cock while they are playing with their pussies.

Since Riley got penetrated only one, she will take another ride on your rock solid boner, but since you are about to cum, it will not last too long. Before you extract your warm cum, these beauties will start sucking on your cock while jacking you off until you deliver a load into their mouths.

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