Mia Malkova Knows How to Run an Audition

During your time in Hollywood, you get a very big amount of auditions every day, and naturally, only the girls that deliver that extra level during their first performance are going to get the role in your upcoming movie.

One day, while you were holding these auditions, you had some incredible candidates, and the last one that was taking the audition was Mia Malkova.

“Hello, I am here for the audition, ” she says as she leaves her purse next to the couch you are sitting on. She clears her throat and reads the line, but there seems to b the little confusion in the way she pronounces it.

As soon as she realizes that there were definitely better candidates before her, she decided to deliver that extra level of performance by doing something you have never seen a girl do during the audition.

This cute blonde babe started rubbing her boobs over the black dress she was wearing. Shortly after that, she bent over showing you her ass while looking at you.

When she noticed that you are interested into what she has to show you, she got in front of you. “I really want this part. I will do anything for it” Mia says while taking off her black dress leaving her in a sexy black bra that matches her black thongs.

Mia slaps her ass while looking you straight in the eyes as she asks you “Do you like my juicy ass, I think it will look great in your new movie” to which you responded, “Yes it would”.

After she took off her high heels, she will also take off her bra, exposing her big natural titties that she will fondle in front of your eyes. “I can show you all the talents that I have” Mia says as she sits in your lap while rubbing her pussy over the panties.

Later on, she will stand up in order to take off her panties so she can grind her pussy on your leg while telling you how she would be perfect for the part in your movie.

You see Mia reaching for her purse, wondering what she is going to do next. Without seeing what she took from the bag, you see her sit on the chair in front of you, spreading her legs. She then starts massaging her love button with her fingers cause her to get wet quite fast.

Once her love tunnel is nice and wet, she reveals that she was hiding some lube and her favorite sex toy in her other hand. As soon as she lubes up her vibrating dildo, Mia will start using it on her pussy.

As the vibrations are touching her clit, she will start moaning in pleasure which will make her feel incredible. However, Mia will hold herself from having an orgasm because she wants to do that as close to you as she possibly can.

Mia will then lay in your lay where she will continue fingering herself until she cums after which she will ask you “Did I get the part?“.

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